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The Creator v the Editor

The following is an extract from the documentary “Abstract”, Christoph Niemann, an illustrator and animator writes about being both a creator and an editor: “I need to be in control and I need to have a clear sense of where I am going and why something’s working and not working.  On the other hand, I’ve […]

How to Motivate eLearners to learn

Lack of motivation is a major challenge with eLearning, particularly compliance training.  Many learners, unlike Daniela, do not complete courses and leave midway.  Most learners do want to learn to do better in their jobs. The problem may not be with the learner, it may well be the course itself that is guilty. It may […]

How to Write Sticky Training

I’m sure you know the feeling. A headline grabs your attention.  You sit down in anticipation of a good learning session. But a couple of minutes into the training you start to wonder what it’s about. What’s it about? You’ve been taking in words on auto-pilot.  Nothing captured your interest.  You felt you were reading […]

3 Stories

Justin While at agriculture college Justin showed a passion for software and electronic solutions to farming challenges.  It was not surprising that during this time he developed an instrument for the early detection of Bovine Respiratory Disease, a common costly disease.  With the help of an investor, he took his invention to market with great […]

Making Impact with Words

When writing for learning our toolbox is limited. We can’t use body language We can’t shout! We can’t even bang on the table to add weight to the message. We only have our words to communicate our message with passion. But written words can be powerful. Want to learn how? Step #1:  Write with clarity […]

How You Can Become an Awesome Trainer

Did you ever want to be a great CEO, or perhaps the marketing guru everybody looks up to? Very few people want to be a trainer because for years there’s been a disparaging comment doing the rounds which goes:  “Those who can’t do, train”.

Setting Up Scenario-Based Learning in Modlettes

Christine is a classroom trainer working mainly with Customer Service people in her company.  When she first started, she used to stick slavishly to her notes and her timing and wondered why her pupils failed to perform well in the questionnaire at the conclusion of the course.  One day a pupil asked her a question […]

Sales Assist - How you can Use Leverage on eLearning to Improve Sales Productivity

What is Sales Assist? A strategic process that equips all Customer contact team members with the information they need to have a valuable conversation with decision influencers at each stage of the Customer’s problem-solving life cycles to optimise sales return and Customer satisfaction.  That might be somewhat of a mouthful but Sales Assist is all […]

Why You Benefit by Onboarding On-line

When I was in the corporate world, some time ago now, when it came to induction no one wanted to know.  It was time consuming and something we thrust online managers with a memo . . . “A new recruit will be visiting your department at . . . please make her welcome and explain […]

Is Your eLearning Like Cooking Peaches?

My wife and I are foodies and only cook real favourites more than once.  The rest of the time we experiment and over the years have built up quite a portfolio of recipes with comments about the end result. The other day I noticed we had a bag of peaches in the freezer left over […]

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