How You Can Become an Awesome Trainer

Did you ever want to be a great CEO, or perhaps the marketing guru everybody looks up to?

Very few people want to be a trainer because for years there’s been a disparaging comment doing the rounds which goes:  “Those who can’t do, train”

Being an awesome trainer and creating great training is a truly satisfying adventure.

I have learned that creating successful training doesn’t haven’t to be frustrating.

Here are some truths about successful training:

  • Put yourself in the place of the learner. Learners like to respond to people they know; think they know or looks like someone they know.
  • Learners love stories. Forget all that data and coloured graphs.  Tell them a story that creates an emotional response, and triggers the brain’s memory centre to make the learning more effective.
  • Use it now or lose it. Make sure you deliver training material that is relevant to meeting the learner’s objectives.
  • Learners judge a book by its cover. Whether we mean to or not, we make split-second judgements and a decision based on how something looks or feels.
  • Learners like things to be organised. You can make it easier for learners to take away the right information by organising and managing the information in a simple, easy to follow manner.
  • Learners love surprises. Surprises are fun, different and exciting.  They introduce us to a new way to interact with the world and to view a situation.  Try and introduce new and novel ways of looking at information the learner may have previously encountered.
  • Learners filter information. To prevent learners from filtering out the important information in your training, make the key learning targets impossible to ignore.
  • Learners like to succeed. Achievement feels great.  Your learning design should provide feedback to learners regularly about their progress.
  • Stop putting the spotlight on yourself or trying to show the learner how smart you are either in the classroom or online. Stop thinking of yourself as the centre of your training.  Instead, make the learners feel they are the centre of the experience.  Let them bask in the glory.

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