Frequently Asked Questions

Setting up a Channel

What information do I need to set up my channel?

Just type in all your details in the required fields and make sure you have your logo in a jpeg or png. format

Do I need to give you my credit card details when setting up a free trial?

No you don’t have to give us your Credit Card details the Free trial is really free, no catches.

How do I pay?

Once you have decided on a Channel suits you best you follow the process on the site and pay via Credit Card.

How may owners can one channel have?

You can have as many as you like. We do prefer one only per channel but allowing more than one enables you to change owners if needed.

Can other people be administrators on my Channel?

Yes, you can have multiple administrators. They can create Modlettes, add Users, Approve Modlettes and view reports and stats.

What happens when the number of Users I have exceeds the package I have selected?

You will be sent a notification by Modlettes. You then have the option to upgrade your Channel or deactivate some of your Users.

How many authors can I have on a Channel?

You can have as many authors as you want the only thing you need to keep in mind is a author counts as a User.

How much notice do I need to give to cancel my Channel?

You have to give 30 days notice to cancel your Channel.

Can I bulk upload users to my channel?

Yes, you can load your users details by uploading a CSV template we have available.

Viewing Modlettes

Do I need a specific device to view Modlettes?

No, all you need is to be connected to the internet. Modlettes is designed to be optimized for mobile but you can use any device including PC’s, laptops and tablets.

What happens if I have to stop my Modlettes due to an interruptions, can I go back and complete it?

The beauty of Modlettes is it bookmarks exactly where you stop. So once you log back in you just start where you left off.

How does a User know they have a new Modlette to view?

Users get sent an email by Modlettes once a Modlette is allocated to them. If a User does not start their Modlette within a suitable time period you can send them a reminder email.

Creating Modlettes

Do I need to have experience in building online content?

If you asking this question, you are looking at the right website. As long as you have content you want to share that is in one of the following formats text, images, audio or questions you can create Modlette.

How long does it take to build a Modlette?

If you have your content ready e.g. movies saved, audio recorded, pictures saved, text typed, quiz questions and answers it can take a couple of minutes to create a Modlette. Creating the content is what takes the time.

Is there a limit to the size of the files I can upload onto Modlettes?

No, this is what makes Modettes so great. There are no hidden fees and you have unlimited content.

Is there a limit to the number of Modlettes I can have on my Channel?

No, this is what makes Modettes so great. There are no hidden fees and you have unlimited content.

Can I include pictures in my Quiz?

Yes, the quiz allows you to add and images. This is a great facility to test product knowledge and appeal to visual learners.

How many questions can I have in my Quiz?

Yes, only administrators can approve a Modlette and if they are not happy with it they can give the Author feedback.

Can an administrator give feedback to an Author regarding changes to a Modlette?

We have limited the amount of questions to 10. We have designed it like this because it is better for Mobile learning.

Is it possible for me to share the results of my Quiz with someone who does not have access to my Channel?

Yes, this is a fantastic feature that lets you share the results of a Quiz with an external person. It is valuable for line managers or anyone that what to know the result of the quiz as soon as it has been completed.

Can I edit my Modlette once it has been published?

At the moment the answer is no. This is due to version control . If you edited something while a User was in the middle of completing it impacts the reporting and content. We suggest you review and preview the Modlettes several times before publishing it.

Generating Content

Can you help me create content for my Modlettes?

That is not a service we currently offer but we do have several places where you can find resources and tools. We publish this in our newsletter that will be sent to you. We also have a resources section on our website.

Are there specific software programmes you recommend I use to generate content?

You are free to use whatever software you like as long as you can save it in the standard file formats commonly used.

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