Why would I have a Modlettes Channel instead of a YouTube channel which is Free?

YouTube is only for video content. Modlettes can host a variety of media. Youtube is also public domain and encourages viewers to watch more or similar types of content. This means you have no control over what your User watches nor how long they spend on YouTube. Modlettes is a contained website giving you full control of who watches your content.

Can I upgrade my Modlettes subscription?

We know how important flexibility is so you are more than welcome to upgrade at any time.

Can I convert content that is currently available on another eLearning platform to use in my Channel?

As long as your content is presented in one of many media file types we accept (e.g. jpeg, mp4, pdf, docx) you should have no problem uploading it into a Modlette.

Can Modlettes be duplicated on multiple channels?

This is a feature we will make available in the future. If you save all your files in a secure folder it is really easy to upload the content again on another Channel.

Can I cancel my Modlettes subscription?

Yes, this is one of the key benefits of Modlettes, you are not tied into costly software and you can cancel your subscription at any stage. The only exception would be if you have signed up and paid for the full year in advance. You then need to give us 30 days notice before your subscription ends.