Is the Training Industry in Decline?

21 September 2017

In a recent post on the LinkedIn ‘Training Managers’ Group’, SK Jumah wrote “In this short post I would like

Bringing Your Customer On-Board

21 September 2017

All great, successful enterprises or activities have both a goal and a strategy.  Although strategies can often be complicated this

What Comes Next . . . Generation Z

10 August 2017

The greatest number of learners we have in the work force today are millennials and we have addressed them in

Unique Insights into Engaging Your Millennials in Learning

10 August 2017

There is no doubt with all the literature that has been created about the millennial generation that they must be

Top 2017 Workplace Learning Trends

24 July 2017

The following trends are selected from the LinkedIn 2017 Workplace Learning Report which includes insights from 500 L&D professionals across

Learning to Learn

24 July 2017

Associate Professor Sandra Milligan at the University of Melbourne analysed the data from over 100,000 learners on the University’s various

Using Mobile for Onboarding

24 July 2017

When we recruit new hires, we are expending a lot of time and it can be expensive.  The HR department

Beyond the Learning Management System

26 June 2017

The evolution of learning tools has moved from programmes on individual computers to distributed web-based systems that could both administer

How to Support Your Mobile Learners

26 June 2017

With more and more learners using mobile devices today, if you are using on-line learning these are some ways you

Be a Great Listener

23 May 2017

When creating on-line learning modules, we often have to collaborate with Special Matter Experts and this requires special listening skills