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How to Engage Hurried Learners

A couple of years ago I took a course on fiction writing (hopefully), I wondered if it would help me with writing for learning so I fished it out. And . . . ta da! It was all there, a great writing technique that works even better for what we do than in fiction. And […]

Write it, Don't Fight it

What if you could sit down and confidently write for learning? What if your inner critic let you express yourself freely? What if writing training programmes was fun and enjoyable? Do you struggle to get your ideas on screen or paper? Do you put off starting . . . procrastinating? When I first started writing […]

Persuasive Writing for Learning Lessons

Why are we attracted to some advertisements and not others? Why do we feel we need to read on? It’s all about what grabs you when you first see it. Have you ever seen the famous David Ogilvy Rolls-Royce advert? The art of the advertising copy writer can be used to encourage our learners to […]

The 4C's of Scenarios

In the last Modletter I discussed the use of scenarios, "Why Scenarios"    this time I’m going to tell you some tips for writing them, using the four C’s CHARACTER CONTEXT CHALLENGE CONSEQUENCE CHARACTERS : The main character of your scenario who drives the action should generally be someone like your learners.  Even if the main […]

Why Scenarios

Don’t fake it Make it real Introduce scenarios into your Modlettes Make your training more relevant and engaging Create situations that your learners will face in the workplace. I have always included real life situations in the delivery of my training, even back in the classroom days. Why have I done this and how can […]

Tips to Prepare for Trouble-Free Recording Sessions

You’ve written your voice over for your voice artist. You’ve set up the audio equipment for the voice over for your Modlette. You give the sign to start and away you go recording. When you get halfway through the first sequence . . . The voice artist mispronounces a word. Cancel audio, start again. How […]

3 Methods for Lighting Up Your Ideas

Have you ever sat looking at an empty page? Or a computer with an empty screen? You have an objective for your training but now you have to convert that into something effective and digestable. Where to start? It’s a journey and a journey into the unknown needs a map. Creating a map is sometimes […]

How Creative Are You?

You don’t have to be creative to create great training in Modlettes. However, some creativity can help. According to researchers from McGill, Harvard and the University of Melboure, a quick test could reveal how much creative potential lies within. Creativity has long been considered difficult to quantify.  But an international cohort of researchers in the […]

Two Types of Opening Lines that Invite Learners Into Your Modlette

eLearning asks much of learners Do they want to give up their precious time? What’s in it for them? Does the learning solve any pain points? How can doing this Modlette be any more important than other things I have to do? You’ve got them to open the Modlette, how are you going to keep […]

Discover More Time to Do What You Like

Have we all been lied to? We were told when growing up that if we worked 40 hours a week diligently we would get a good pay check. And, hopefully, if we’d work “long” enough we’d have enough money to retire at age 65. Since when was there a rule saying we have to trade […]

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