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Creativity at Work

In my experience very few companies treat creativity like a job expectation and incorporate it into their performance development system.  A recent Gallup Survey shows that the three foundational factors needed to foster creativity are all too rare: Expectations to be creative at work Time to be creative As a result, businesses are missing value […]

Help Your Reps to Help Themselves

Over the years I have participated in many different sales conferences, both as a key note speaker and running workshops.  Apart from skills training and motivational sessions the product managers get to deliver a lot of product information.  Both about promotions and new products.  Usually this is in written format and gets carefully placed in […]

Focus on Learning

Whether a company is aware of it or not, the potential audiences for learning content lie beyond the boundaries of the organisation.  In addition to employees, learners can be contractors, re-sellers, franchisees and other stakeholders, as well as Customers and the public at large. Re-sellers are more likely to focus on products with which they […]

Google's Principles of Innovation

Google is widely recognised as having achieved the holy grail of productivity and creativity.  There’s no magic in the water at the Mountain View, CA company.  The tech giant draws from what Google’s chief social evangelist, Gopi Kallayil, calls the nine core principles of innovation. Here are the nine rules that any enterprise, large or […]

The 5 Creative Principles that Helped Build Modlettes

At Modlettes we pride ourselves on being creative, that is thinking of better ways to do things or simpler ways to do things.  That’s how Modlettes got started! However, to some people the word “creativity” often conjures up thoughts of the artist at work – a painter splashing colour on a canvas or a writer […]

The Rising Workforce . . . Generation Z

A lot of research has been done on millennials and the management of same over the last twenty years.  They have had a bad rap with many managers however, despite that a huge number of them have become huge successes as entrepreneurs and leaders (Jacinda Ardern is technically an early millennial). Generation Z is the […]

The Power of Sales Questions

If all you talk about in a sales appointment is your product and how great it is, you will talk your way out of a lot of sales.  Over the years I have learnt the value of questions in many life situations and asking questions and listening closely will bring many more sales.  In fact, […]

Questions Your On-boarding Programme Should Answer

When your new hire has had a month with your organisation if their reasons for joining are not affirmed there is every reason to expect that they are considering other options. Every organisation has an onboarding process of sorts – their method for integrating new employees into their culture.  The onboarding methods vary from “find […]

Boring Does Not Work

In a recent lunchtime discussion, I was asked “what turns people off training?” The question was addressed to me as I have been involved in the training world for 35 years and although most of that time was spent presenting classroom training, I now have a passion for microlearning. The short answer to my lunch […]

Ways to Support Learning After Training

After acquainting ourselves in the Forgetting Curve (https://modlettes.Forgetting Curve)  to the challenges of making learning stick, we know it takes varied practice, lots of review and workplace support to become competent in new skills.  We also know that it is difficult for employees to find time to engage in long-term learning opportunities. In today’s workplace […]

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