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Motivation During the Learning

Judy:  You’re the one doing all these eLearning courses. Nick:  Only the ones I think I will like and learn something Judy:  What do you think makes a good or excellent eLearning experience? Nick:  I’m a bit competitive so I like to test myself against the learning fairly often Judy: You mean you seek frequent […]

Good eLearning is about ability and time

Judy:  So, you like hard questions in your eLearning? Nick:  Yes, I like a challenge. Judy:  What if they’re so hard there’s no way you can answer them? Nick:  If they‘re that hard I’ll walk away. Judy: You’re a loser. Nick:  Not really but I can get bored quickly When we talk about the learner […]

What To Do to Increase Motivation

Judy:  You were in a mood last week Nick:  Yes, but I found a course that I really enjoyed Judy: Not a company one. Nick:  No, it was a training company specialist in eLearning. Judy: What was different Nick:  They had interesting activities before, during and after the actual training Modlettes So, what is the […]

Self-Determination Theory

Judy:  Why are you in a mood today? Nick:  I’m frustrated Judy:  Why are you frustrated? Nick:  Because people keep asking me questions Judy:  Rubbish!  What’s the real reason Nick:  The boss wants me to take the quality course and I really want to do the conflict resolution one. Judy:  Be better if he let […]

The Two Basic Urges that Drive Learners

 Nick :  Why does management tell us our pay grades could be affected by our performance in this new course? Judy:  I guess it’s their way of motivating us. Well:  Well it’s not motivating me. Judy:  Awe, come on.  You want to do well don’t you? Nick:  Yes, but not because of their threats. Motivation […]

Motivation: The Secret Sauce of eLearning

Judy:  Have you finished your assignment yet Nick? Nick: No Judy: Why not? Nick:  I guess I lacked the motivation to finish it. Does this sort of conversation take place between your learners? What is Motivation? In a few words, motivation is what learners WANT to do, CHOOSE to do, and COMMIT to do. Motivation […]

Scenario Based Learning and the 4Cs

Have you heard the one about . . .? We all appreciate a good yarn and the anticipation it brings. Preferably clean but always with some humour. When someone says the opening line, nobody throws their hands up and says I don’t want to hear it. In the training field we call them scenarios and […]

How to Fire Up Your Learners' Interest So They're Keen to Learn More

Does a lot of e-Learning seem a bit boring? As if designers are just reproducing text book stuff and not putting their heart into it. Of course, we’ve all been there. Instructional design is demanding, it requires thought and passion. Sometimes our training is just a tip. But when all we do is sharing tips, […]

Persuasive Writing Techniques

What is our brief as trainers? Why do we bother? How can we be successful and work with engaged and enthusiastic learners? Let’s change the question. Do you want to convince your learners to do something or do it better? So, let’s talk about selling ideas. Using persuasive writing to achieve your purposes. We all […]

When does perfectionism become an unhealthy habit?

I used to think perfectionism was wanting to edit “one last time” too many times. I now believe perfectionism can spoil my whole writing process and cause undue stress. So here are some pitfalls that to be a consistently good writer for learning you must avoid. Perfectionism becomes unhealthy when you mix it with self-doubt […]

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