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Modlettes makes sharing information and training easy for SMEs

Share your content in a format that is easy for you and the end user. We believe that mobile learning is the best method to deliver this content so we have optimised Modlettes for this purpose. We are not about fancy acronyms (LMS, SCORM, AICC etc.) or confusing methodologies. We just want people and businesses to share their knowledge to create better places to live and work.  If you have content you want to share with 1 to 99 people, Modlettes is perfect for you. If you have more than this no problem it costs you a flat fee of $2.20 per user per month. Every plan has access to all the features – so no need to miss out on features if you don’t have the large user numbers, every customer and every user is important to us.

Modlettes makes training more

scalable, engaging, accessible and affordable

A flexible solution starting from $29 per month

Easy to create


Easy to share, cloud based, mobile friendly


No hidden fees for extra data


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30 day full feature trial with no credit card required


Start small and move to a bigger plan when you are ready.

What Our Clients Are Saying

I’m loving using Modlettes, its helped me reduce the stress of business administration by sending clients to the portal to read and process pre-reading materials prior to attending our face to face courses, having them sit written tests online instead of paper, reduces time in marking papers as the Modelttes system does that for us and gives us a pass mark and incorrect answers straight away, allows us to control who sees what, so we can customise each trainees exposure to materials and tests and enables us to expand our business by offering online courses for those who cannot make the face to face learning we do. The Modlettes delivery options for learning combinations is great and we are discovering more about how we can best utilise this system as we go.”

Ruth Nicholson

Managing Director, NZ Laser Training Limited

What Our Clients Are Saying

“We find Modlettes to be a productive and efficient tool, invaluable for communicating with our potential Franchisees.
The information is quick and easy to access and we get a clear snapshot of what stage everything is at, tracking is easy.

We love on the go, user-friendly nature of this product.”

Kirsten Hawke

CEO, Business Buddy

What Our Clients Are Saying

“In this age of disruptive technology, organisations need to evolve or they will die and Modlettes on-line learning is the best evolution possible.”

Jim Huse

Managing Director, Husehill Associates

Where can you use Modlettes?

On boarding for new hires


Training a new process


Teaching customers, clients or staff about a new product


Health and Safety Training


Testing knowledge after a training course


Sharing templates or specific methodologies


Testing knowledge before you meet or train someone


Anything you can think of


Learning accessible from anywhere

Delivering an outstanding mobile learning experience for users

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