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Empowering businesses to easily create and share learning material your audience will love

Modlettes is an affordable learning management system (LMS) which helps you share engaging, accessible and scalable learning material with your audience.

Modlettes Learning Management System
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Designed with small to medium sized businesses in mind, our LMS solution is ideal for business owners, HR teams and marketing managers to train their teams remotely, with less effort and cost.

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Create & share learning materials online

Empower your team and encourage self initiative through remote access to create, share and edit learning materials.

Affordable, flexible pricing

No contracts, cancel anytime

No hidden fees, full functionality at any price point

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Features & Benefits

Encourgage learning anywhere, anytime & any device

Cloud based, learners can work when and where it suits them.

Reach unlimited numbers of learners

Easily teach via the cloud to learners throughout New Zealand, Australasia, Polynesia, UK & USA.

Track real-time progress & knowledge of your learners

View the progress of your users, plus test their knowledge via quizzes.

Facilitate access and engagement with mobile responsivity

A mobile and device friendly LMS which makes both creating and learning simple.

Increase compliance of business policies and procedures

Ensure everyone knows of and understands what is required of them in the workplace.

Easily onboard new team members

Get your team up to speed quickly with our online learning software.

Modlettes has lots of benefits. It’s easy to use and can be accessed at any time meaning our sellers can tap into their training resource wherever they are, whenever they need it. We’ve formed an amazing relationship with the team at Modlettes.

Flo – Cookie Time

In this age of disruptive technology, organisations need to evolve or they will die and Modlettes online learning is the best evolution possible.”

Jim Huse – Managing Director, Husehill Associates

Jim Huse – Managing Director, Husehill Associates

How it works

Create a Modlette

Give your Modlette a title and a description.

Create & upload content

Add text, videos, images, slides and documents.

Share Modlettes

Easily share your courses to your audience.

Track and report

Keep updated on your learners’ progress and knowledge.

How you can use Modlettes

Employee onboarding

Get new employees up to speed quickly and cost effectively regardless of workplace location.

Training team members

Provide flexible training to team members via our cloud based learning management system.

Employee onboarding

Introduce new products and educate employees and customers on how to use them.

Employee onboarding

Ensure all team members know what they need to do to keep themselves and others safe.

Employee onboarding

Check learners knowledge before and after a Modlette to reflect upon course successfulness.

Try Modlettes free for 30 days

Full features | No credit card | Cancel anytime

Try Modlettes free for 30 days

Full features | No credit card | Cancel anytime