LMS Software Features

Our LMS Software Makes Creating & Sharing with Your Learners Easy

Modlettes’ learning management system or LMS software makes it simple to create content and then share it with learners. Providing small to medium sized businesses with a scalable, accessible and engaging training tool.

Mobile & device friendly

Accessible to both creators and learners wherever there is an internet connection, Modlettes is ready when they are. The responsive design of our LMS software ensures users can easily access their Modlette on their mobile, tablet or PC.

Collaborate with team members

Colleagues can help create and edit content within the Modlettes eLearning platform, allowing you to delegate work within your team. Give them access to edit your Modlette or create one of their own, while retaining final checking and sharing authority to control content quality.

Easily create & modify Modlettes

Scalable and with multiple design modes including videos, documents, slides and quizzes, Modlettes are easy to create and edit. Save time and increase productivity by making changes to existing content without needing to start from scratch.

Track progress of learners & creators

View real-time progress of your learners within the Modlettes LMS software. Check pre and post learning knowledge with quizzes and identify areas of difficulty for learners to increase achievement levels.
In this age of disruptive technology, organisations need to evolve or they will die and Modlettes online learning is the best evolution possible.”
Managing Director, Cookie Time

How it works

Create a Modlette

Give your Modlette a title and a description.

Create & upload content

Add text, videos, images, slides and documents.

Share Modlettes

Easily share your courses to your audience.

Track and report

Keep updated on your learners’ progress and knowledge.

How you can use Modlettes

Employee onboarding

Get new employees up to speed quickly and cost effectively regardless of workplace location.

Training team members

Provide flexible training to team members via our cloud based learning management system.

Teaching about new products

Introduce new products and educate employees and customers on how to use them.

Health and safety compliance

Ensure all team members know what they need to do to keep themselves and others safe.

Testing course pre-knowledge and retention

Check learners knowledge before and after a Modlette to reflect upon course successfulness.

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