Sales Assist – How you can Use Leverage on eLearning to Improve Sales Productivity

people working through reports

What is Sales Assist?

A strategic process that equips all Customer contact team members with the information they need to have a valuable conversation with decision influencers at each stage of the Customer’s problem-solving life cycles to optimise sales return and Customer satisfaction.

 That might be somewhat of a mouthful but Sales Assist is all about equipping the sales team with the ammunition that will help them improve their productivity and achieve their sales targets.  This approach helps you align many functions within your organisation to the overall goals and ensure Customers are aware of the required value.

Our Sales Assist programme uses our online platform to support recruitment onboarding, training and just-in-time resources.  Using Modlettes means that instead of bringing reps in for expensive training or new product launches they can access all this from their mobile phones.

What are the benefits of a Sales Assist Approach?

The right Sales Assist programme (in contrast to just sales training) brings several benefits to your organisation.  Notable amongst these are:

Ability to scale talent:  There are great advantages in getting all team members equipped with the same stories and tools.  You need not depend only on a few high performing individuals.  Instead you can prepare your whole talent pool with a consistent message and approach.

Equip the sales team with the knowledge for better sales dialogues:  Using the right tools and technology, you can ensure that your sales team has the right data and insights they can apply to solve different Customer problems.  They also have access to insights on the buyers, their pain points, their preferences and what would help them.

Reduce the time needed to close sales:  As your sales team have the required research and better resources to present in a ready-made format, they spend more time making the best presentation to not waste buyer’s time.  A well-prepared sales rep will have more meaningful conversations with prospects and quote the right references, which will help secure deals in lesser time.

Continue meaningful conversations with Customers and retain the connect to generate business in the future:  Providing resources to your sales team that provide useful and relevant information for Customers enables them to have ongoing, meaningful conversations.  This means they could be first cab off the rank when the next requirement pops up.

Sales reps, because of the nature of their profession are very independent and generally welcome the opportunity to learn on their own, so mobile learning makes this easy for them.  No-one knows what you don’t know!

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