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Do you Ration Your Passion in Your Writing for Learning?

What happens when you listen to a passionate speaker? Was their enthusiasm contagious? Passionate speakers use emotion to engage us as listeners.  We notice their excitement in their body language.  We hear their eagerness, their spirit, their fire in their voice. Passionate communicators are fascinating.  They create an intense focus in their words. We go […]

Using Impactful Words and Stories

Why do people prefer to use one training programme over another? They choose programmes with impact.  Programmes with impact have words that influence and stories that stick in people’s memories. In defining what I believe is a critical element of writing for learning, I’ll make my case by amending the well-known quote from Animal Farm […]

How to Touch Your Learner's Heart

Do you ever feel that your writing for learning is missing an essential spark? Do you every feel that the passion you felt in the classroom is missing in your eLearning? I have included the key points from my classroom teaching in my eLearning script, But something is missing . . . Then I realised, […]

3 Stories

Justin While at agriculture college Justin showed a passion for software and electronic solutions to farming challenges.  It was not surprising that during this time he developed an instrument for the early detection of Bovine Respiratory Disease, a common costly disease.  With the help of an investor, he took his invention to market with great […]

The Mobile Mindset for Learning

When was the last time you used a mobile phone? You may well be reading this on your mobile phone.  How we access information has changed dramatically over the last few years.  For us to stay relevant, trainers need to adopt a mobile mindset. From the original concept of the Modlettes system we have been […]

Writing for eLearning

How often do you feel confused when reading instructional content? Do you feel the writer is trying to convince you how smart they are? Are you impressed by their use of big words? Or frustrated because there is too much detail? How often is the answer to these questions yes? Want to be clear without […]

Checklists for Performance Support

The Americans developed the B-17 bomber during World War 2 which helped win the war.  The B-17 was the first aircraft to get a checklist. This came about when, on the first B-17 flight, 3 men were seriously injured, and a few days later died, when the aircraft stalled shortly after take-off.  After further investigation, […]

Do you get stuck when wanting to write an enticing introduction?

Think Like a Cartoonist to Grab Attention If you tell them about cars, they think of pumpkins If you talk to them about dinner, they think of steering wheels In short, they force-fit thoughts that may have a connection to each other. But what’s a cartoonist got to do with the opening lines of your […]

How to Use Plain Language for Learning

My client was puzzled. He had new software for his HR team The supplier had provided a manual (and charged for it) Despite this, managers bombarded the HR staff with phone calls and made many mistakes We finally concluded that the problem was the legalese used rather than everyday language. Here’s some tips to use […]

The #1 Reason for Bad Writing

We’re writing a learning narrative for a Modlette. Sometimes we feel distracted We focus on writing for the learner We pick our words with care We pay attention to punctuation We try to avoid poor grammar and spelling But do we forget the basics of writing well for our audience. In his book The Sense […]

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