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Tips to Prepare for Trouble-Free Recording Sessions

You’ve written your voice over for your voice artist. You’ve set up the audio equipment for the voice over for your Modlette. You give the sign to start and away you go recording. When you get halfway through the first sequence . . . The voice artist mispronounces a word. Cancel audio, start again. How […]

3 Methods for Lighting Up Your Ideas

Have you ever sat looking at an empty page? Or a computer with an empty screen? You have an objective for your training but now you have to convert that into something effective and digestable. Where to start? It’s a journey and a journey into the unknown needs a map. Creating a map is sometimes […]

How Creative Are You?

You don’t have to be creative to create great training in Modlettes. However, some creativity can help. According to researchers from McGill, Harvard and the University of Melboure, a quick test could reveal how much creative potential lies within. Creativity has long been considered difficult to quantify.  But an international cohort of researchers in the […]

Two Types of Opening Lines that Invite Learners Into Your Modlette

eLearning asks much of learners Do they want to give up their precious time? What’s in it for them? Does the learning solve any pain points? How can doing this Modlette be any more important than other things I have to do? You’ve got them to open the Modlette, how are you going to keep […]

Discover More Time to Do What You Like

Have we all been lied to? We were told when growing up that if we worked 40 hours a week diligently we would get a good pay check. And, hopefully, if we’d work “long” enough we’d have enough money to retire at age 65. Since when was there a rule saying we have to trade […]

Know Yourself and Your Learners

Have you ever felt it was hard to finish a self-paced course? You are not alone. Keeping ourselves accountable might be easy for some, but hard for most of us. Think of your personal feelings in terms of how you write for others. Are you only writing for your own style or the style of […]

What is a Good Idea?

Do you ever feel frustrated because your Modlettes are starting to look the same as, same as! How would you like to have some new ideas to put more zing in the secret sauce? Some fresh ingredients to make the menu more enticing A kitchen garden where you pick fresh ideas to excite the palates […]

How Do You Make a Learner Feel You are Writing for Him or Her?

Who do you write your learning dialogue for? You can’t make everybody happy, trying to write for a mass audience is like trying to fill a swimming pool with an eye-dropper So, let’s create an Ideal Learner profile so you can write more engaging texts. Then you can make your learners feel like you’re writing […]

The Persuasive Power of Metaphors

You know your writing for learning needs to stand out You want to inspire your learners to take action, change their behaviours, or to learn a task But can you attract attention in a sea of distractions? Try using metaphors. Metaphors can make your writing more personal, more memorable, and more persuasive (Yes, we’re selling […]

How You Can Captivate Your Learners

“Bugger!” thinks John Gerrard “I’m screwing this up” John has written an in-depth Modlette on management coaching. His narrative includes his tips learnt over years of coaching in a corporate environment. But doubt has crept in. “What if nobody wants to do this Modlette, because my opening lines are rubbish?” John has read introductions to […]

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