Storytelling Skills

, | Colin Dawson

In storytelling, you need 3 different types of skills. The first type of skill is narrative and descriptive writing.  In an earlier article we showed you how to slow down the action to add drama so your stories become fast paced and you can keep your learners captivated.  This is the basis of storytelling.

Next, you must learn how to use storytelling frameworks.  This is about understanding your learning goals and using stories to support these goals.  It’s about spotting stories and telling them well so you can entertain and educate your learners so they get to know, like and trust you.

In my third article I’ll introduce you to storytelling techniques that help you pull more learners into your stories and make your stories more memorable.

My next three Modletters will have a focus on 3 storytelling techniques:

  1. We’ll discuss story titles.  Not every story needs a title, so you’ll find out when to use a title and how to make sure that a title arouses curiosity so more learners get caught up in your stories.

2. We’ll investigate story openings that invite learners into your story so you can captivate them.

3. We’ll talk about gleaming details.  This is a powerful technique that can help make your story more memorable.

As you read these articles, these 3 techniques can turn a forgettable story into a memorable captivating story.

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