How to Inspire Learners with your Closing Paragraph

In 95% of training programmes or Modlettes, designers finish with a quiz or test of some nature.  How much better would it be if you followed this test with an inspirational final paragraph so learners appreciate your training and implement your learning and advice.

Your 4th role as a training designer.

So far, we’ve discussed your 4 roles as a training designer.

In your opening paragraph, you empathise with your learners (your 1st role) and promise them you can lead them to a happy destination (2nd role).  In the main body of your Modlette, you show learners the map to the happy destination (3rd role).

Now your last task is to send your learners on their way to practice what they learned.  You need to overcome any last hurdles so they take action and implement what you have taught them.  This is what you do in your final paragraph

How do you inspire learners to take action?

To inspire learners, consider what’s most likely to stop them and try and take away that objection or hesitation.

Here are some options …

  1. Feeling overwhelmed

Perhaps you’ve shared so many learning points that your learner feels overwhelmed.  They don’t know where to start.  In this case, you need to get them to take the first step.  You make your advice as concrete as possible.

2. Too much effort

Maybe your learner thinks it’s too much effort to implement what they have learned or not learned properly.  So, remind them of the happy destination.  The happy destination explains why the effort to implement the learning is worth it.

3. Lack of confidence

Your learner may think they can’t do it.  They lack confidence.  In this case, you may want to give them a pep talk and tell them they can do it.

If you think this sounds like psychology, well… it is.

As a trainer, I used to think if you give them the facts and the systems in an interesting way that would be enough.  But if you don’t inspire your learners to implement your advice and if you don’t take away the hurdles stopping them from moving forward, then your training is pretty useless.