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There will be bad times . . . .

Some days run so smoothly we feel on top of the world, things go as planned or even better and you feel wonderful on the inside. Then there are the other days: Days when your motivation drops to near zero and your best plans evaporate and are blown away. I find that one of the […]

What to do When the Creative Lights Go Out

You know you need to get started on that Modlette or write an article for your blog but although you know what the subject is it’s hard to get started Creativity is a funny business And it requires funny solutions when you are experiencing problems.  We need a renewal vigour or passion for the work […]

Modlettes Provides Jim with a Healthy Cash Flow

Jill Peterson is the CEO of a manufacturing and distribution company.  They manufacture electronic devices to make farmer’s lives easier.  The company also distribute a number of devices made by other manufacturers.  They have just expanded their sales force by another sixteen sales reps and Jill is looking for a way to train these people […]

KISS, Let Go of the Need to Know Everything

In today’s complex world we face a barrage of information on a daily basis.  We need to let go of the need to know everything.  We need to educate both our learners and our trainers to resist the temptation to dump everything, “just in case”.  If you are teaching someone to change a flat tyre […]

How Modlettes Can Give You a 50% Reduction of Training Costs

What company does not want to provide effective training without increasing the training budget?   Every company is faced with the following challenges: How do we respond to rapid business needs with e-Learning? How do we decide which approach can significantly increase the speed of learning and how do we calculate the returns? How do […]

Context is Most Important, Not Content

Today’s problem is not the lack of content, it’s the lack of context. The need to refocus learning objectives on the needs of learners becomes obvious.  For example, story based learning objectives focus on acquiring knowledge in small steps.  Instead of writing content from the context of the designer, write it as a set-up so […]

Laughter and Modlettes

Nobody on earth doesn’t like to have a good laugh.  Let’s face it, humorous laughter is a universally pleasant experience. Modlettes can benefit greatly when a little humour is introduced into the mix.  Too often we designers take ourselves a bit too seriously, and this does not always help engage our learners who happen to […]

Pokemon Go

It’s the latest, and I am told everybody’s doing it.  It’s Pokémon Go which is a free, location-based augmented reality game developed for mobile devices, so Google tells me.  Because of its association with mobile devices I decided to do some more research and I came across an article by Liz Sheffield who is a […]

$7.95 is too Expensive for Training and Other Crazy Excuses

  By Robyn Viljoen I love my work and especially meeting amazing inspirational people everyday. Their products are great, they have hired good people and they are passionate about what they do. Everyone is trying to do more with less and cramming it into days that appear to be getting busier.   As someone who […]

Giving Attention to Attention

How do we get and keep our learner’s attention? Understanding attention (the focusing of consciousness) gives us the ability to support learning.  Here are some key points to help you gain your learner’s attention.   Selective attention Attention is a limited resource; selective attention occurs when we focus our attention on something.  When we select […]

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