Sneak into your Ideal Learner’s Mind

How Vickie imagined Karl’s profile in detail

What are Karl’s aims, goals, and dreams?

He eventually wants to be promoted to a more senior position.  It’s not the money that appeals to him.  It’s the power and opportunity to influence the company culture.

What keeps Karl awake at night?

Karl worried about managing his people.

For instance,

  • If team members are fighting with each other, then I’m not a very good leader.
  • If I am not good at developing people, then the work won’t get done, and I won’t be seen as an effective leader.
  • If I don’t get good at giving challenging feedback, then other people will cry and that will make me uncomfortable; or they will quit; or I won’t improve their performance, and the organisation will suffer.
  • If I get flustered and lose my cool in a meeting, then I will look bad, and I won’t get the results I’m aiming for.

Karl is afraid to lose . . .

His status, reputation, influence, his health, his judgement

What’s important in his life?

He wants to live well, with integrity, and make a lasting difference in the world; has high expectations for himself and his people, leaving a legacy.

Following this discussion Vickie was asked to write another learner profile for a course she wanted to develop in her workplace.

Understanding your ideal learner profile enables you to start drawing a mind map to outline the content of your Modlettes.  It also helps you choose the language you will use and the examples you will give.

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