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The 4 Roles of a Captivating Modlette Designer

With the introduction of these 4 roles, you will see what it needs to encourage your learners to read, and implement your learning. As we’ve seen, good trainers are on a mission to help learners meet their challenges, solve their problems, and achieve their aims.  You are a mentor or guide for your readers; and […]

Map the Journey - continues

Method 3: Mind maps can help generate ideas and understand relations between ideas.  To create a mind map, you start with one idea and then plot how other ideas connect. To create a mindmap, you keep asking yourself: What else is connected to this idea? Vickie wants to create a Modlette about using drawings or […]

Map the Journey

In this lesson Vickie learned how to simplify or flesh out ideas and create a map to a happy place. Creating a map is often called outlining, but Vickie found the idea of maps more useful.  When you have a clear map, it’s easier to guide your ideal learner to their happy place and make […]

How to Communicate with Power and Clarity

The 3 steps to clarity To gain clarity in your mind, it helps to: Understand which specific problem you will be solving for your learner Map out what you need to communicate to help your learner solve that problem. Make sure that a problem is not too big to discuss in a single Modlette You […]

How to Make an Endless Stream of Good Ideas

What is a good idea? A good idea is at the sweet spot of what you feel excited writing about and what sparks your learner’s interest because it helps them change their lives. The 4 categories of good eLearning ideas Good eLearning ideas usually fall into one of 4 categories: Goals and aims your ideal […]

Sneak into your Ideal Learner's Mind

How Vickie imagined Karl’s profile in detail What are Karl’s aims, goals, and dreams? He eventually wants to be promoted to a more senior position.  It’s not the money that appeals to him.  It’s the power and opportunity to influence the company culture. What keeps Karl awake at night? Karl worried about managing his people. […]

How to Make Your eLearning Feel like a Chat Over Coffee

When Vickie writes for her learning course, she thinks about the various people who might be enrolled for her course.  She also can’t help thinking of her high school teacher looking over her shoulder to check she doesn’t make any grammar mistakes. The first thing Vickie learnt was not to try to engage too many […]

Tell a Concrete Story

The non-fiction books I enjoy mostly have two things in common: First, they teach well by making me curious to learn about something. Secondly, they incorporate the power of storytelling.  Miniature stories are woven into the text, gripping me as if I’m reading fiction. Here’s an example of a story from a sales training Modlette:Roger […]

Take Off the Heroic Mask of Perfect Professionalism

When it comes to reaching out to your learners, perfect professionals can be kind of boring, just like robots lack engaging personality. Our funny ways, flaws and eccentricities make us human, and more interesting.  So, why hide our imperfections.  Our characteristics are obvious in the classroom so why try and hide them behind an electronic […]

Writing from the Heart

The idea of writing from the heart used to feel alien to me. It isn’t really about training as we know it.  We write to train people, not a memoir nor a love letter, so why would I write from my heart? Sometimes our writing for learning is wearing a business suit, and not our […]

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