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Better Onboarding

It’s getting very close to Christmas. I’ll bet we are all looking for a break, Covid-19 has added extra stress to the last two years, But what will the New Year bring? For some of our companies it will mean new hires. How ready are you to introduce your new hires to your company? Do […]

Cut Wordiness - Part 2

Do you feel that your training Modlettes should contain all the information you have available? Are you scared that if you leave something out the learning will be incomplete? Are your sentences so long they have grown into paragraphs? We continue this series on editing your writing for learning. Wordiness slows readers down. They have […]

How to Edit Your Own Writing

Have you ever looked back on your training initiatives? The handouts or workbooks or what you’ve written for eLearning. You may slowly lose your optimism about your work. You may well think that much of it is no good. Why was I such a bad writer? But, that’s the wrong question. We are all bad […]

How to Appeal to the Senses in eLearning

In writing for learning, we don’t need to write sentences as poetic as Mr Wordsworth. We can add a touch of poetry by using one or two sensory words . . . to make our writing more vivid and shape a stronger writing voice. You can find opportunities to spice your writing up. You can […]

How to Use Sensory Words

Why are learning texts usually so formal and often boring? Why are we afraid to show ourselves in our writing for learning? Why do we stick with text book styles? Is it because we are afraid to leave a standard format? Let’s be different and write something our learners enjoy but still meets learning objectives. […]

The Art of Finding Ideas

Every trainer who has ever lived has lusted after ideas to make their training engaging. Around the 1980’s we introduced classroom games like icebreakers. Now we are writing for eLearning we need new ideas to engage invisible learners. Where are these ideas, how do I get them, and how do we keep them coming? If […]

Write it, Don't Fight it

What if you could sit down and confidently write for learning? What if your inner critic let you express yourself freely? What if writing training programmes was fun and enjoyable? Do you struggle to get your ideas on screen or paper? Do you put off starting . . . procrastinating? When I first started writing […]

Persuasive Writing for Learning Lessons

Why are we attracted to some advertisements and not others? Why do we feel we need to read on? It’s all about what grabs you when you first see it. Have you ever seen the famous David Ogilvy Rolls-Royce advert? The art of the advertising copy writer can be used to encourage our learners to […]

The 4C's of Scenarios

In the last Modletter I discussed the use of scenarios, "Why Scenarios"    this time I’m going to tell you some tips for writing them, using the four C’s CHARACTER CONTEXT CHALLENGE CONSEQUENCE CHARACTERS : The main character of your scenario who drives the action should generally be someone like your learners.  Even if the main […]

Why Scenarios

Don’t fake it Make it real Introduce scenarios into your Modlettes Make your training more relevant and engaging Create situations that your learners will face in the workplace. I have always included real life situations in the delivery of my training, even back in the classroom days. Why have I done this and how can […]

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