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How to Write with Clarity

Ever got lost in the bush? Ever stared at a map, wondering where the hell you were? Or you were arguing with your walking companion about whether to turn right or left? Getting lost in training content makes learners feel bad, too. But there’s one big difference.  When you were lost in the bush you […]

Making Impact with Words

When writing for learning our toolbox is limited. We can’t use body language We can’t shout! We can’t even bang on the table to add weight to the message. We only have our words to communicate our message with passion. But written words can be powerful. Want to learn how? Step #1:  Write with clarity […]

Setting Up Scenario-Based Learning in Modlettes

Christine is a classroom trainer working mainly with Customer Service people in her company.  When she first started, she used to stick slavishly to her notes and her timing and wondered why her pupils failed to perform well in the questionnaire at the conclusion of the course.  One day a pupil asked her a question […]

Training Your Customers

Customer induction is an increasingly important part of long-term Customer relations.  Once a potential becomes a Customer, the induction or on-boarding experience sets the tone for the rest of the relationship.  As your Customer base becomes larger, it becomes more challenging to continue to provide an excellent experience.   In the past there have been […]

Microlearning is the Future of Workplace Training

 How do you catch up with the news? Do you still have a paper delivered or do you watch morning TV with your breakfast? Or you may, like a growing number of people go to the internet for short cameos of news, using your smartphone or tablet. This is an example of micro-learning and we […]

The Front Line Eunuch

PART 1: Instead of administration work and meetings, they should focus on coaching their employees and on constantly improving quality. Front-line managers are found in almost every company.  These managers are particularly important in industries with distributed networks. The following industries’ infrastructure, travel and logistics, manufacturing, healthcare and retailing (including food service and retail banking) […]

The Key Findings of a Research Paper by Forrester Research

This paper is entitled “Mobile Learning Will Lead the Charge for Corporate Learning in New Workers Environments” The study yielded a number of key findings. Executive Summary The learning expectations of today’s workers have changed.  Traditional classroom and eLearning courses have less relevance in today’s corporate, fast-paced environment.  Our research shows that online learning is […]

Why We Still Need People Leaders in Technology Era

Technology has changed many things, making almost everything faster, easier, better and many more adjectives apply. Also advances in technology have made many objects and processes obsolete.  However, there are still things barely touched by technology and the most important of these is people leadership.  The strong and consistent guidance for the workforce. Throughout history […]

The New Approach

“Self Service” learning is emerging as a dominant feature of digital learning This is radically different from the conventional approach to instructional design, which not only defines learning goals, it determines the path that all learners will take to reach those goals.   Just-in-time Resources The types of content that L&D teams create will also […]

Unique Insights into Engaging Your Millennials in Learning

There is no doubt with all the literature that has been created about the millennial generation that they must be the most studied generation in history. It’s important that we don’t generate a stereotype around the millennial, the large body of research on those born between 1981 and 1999 has provided us with unique insights […]

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