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Writing for eLearning

Your opening paragraph has made learners keen to engage in your learning so they can travel to a happy destination to attain confidence in their performance. But even if learners are keen to learn more, they’re still easily distracted, so you still have to keep them engaged throughout your Modlette.  You can keep learners engaged […]

Map the Journey - continues

Method 3: Mind maps can help generate ideas and understand relations between ideas.  To create a mind map, you start with one idea and then plot how other ideas connect. To create a mindmap, you keep asking yourself: What else is connected to this idea? Vickie wants to create a Modlette about using drawings or […]

How to Communicate with Power and Clarity

The 3 steps to clarity To gain clarity in your mind, it helps to: Understand which specific problem you will be solving for your learner Map out what you need to communicate to help your learner solve that problem. Make sure that a problem is not too big to discuss in a single Modlette You […]

Sneak into your Ideal Learner's Mind

How Vickie imagined Karl’s profile in detail What are Karl’s aims, goals, and dreams? He eventually wants to be promoted to a more senior position.  It’s not the money that appeals to him.  It’s the power and opportunity to influence the company culture. What keeps Karl awake at night? Karl worried about managing his people. […]

Tell a Concrete Story

The non-fiction books I enjoy mostly have two things in common: First, they teach well by making me curious to learn about something. Secondly, they incorporate the power of storytelling.  Miniature stories are woven into the text, gripping me as if I’m reading fiction. Here’s an example of a story from a sales training Modlette:Roger […]

Learning and What Causes Us to Forget

Forgetting happens most rapidly soon after learning something and then tapers off after time. Learners will first forget content that does not make sense to them Most people are more likely to forget what they hear than what they read.  This is probably because reading is a more focussed activity than listening. Although we may […]

How to Captivate Learners from the Git-Go

A good opening engages learners and entices them to move on into your Modlette. You do this by fulfilling your first two roles as a trainer: Empathize with your learner . . . tell him or her that you understand their fears and struggles, and you put your virtual arm around their shoulders.  When learners […]

Motivation During the Learning

Judy:  You’re the one doing all these eLearning courses. Nick:  Only the ones I think I will like and learn something Judy:  What do you think makes a good or excellent eLearning experience? Nick:  I’m a bit competitive so I like to test myself against the learning fairly often Judy: You mean you seek frequent […]

Good eLearning is about ability and time

Judy:  So, you like hard questions in your eLearning? Nick:  Yes, I like a challenge. Judy:  What if they’re so hard there’s no way you can answer them? Nick:  If they‘re that hard I’ll walk away. Judy: You’re a loser. Nick:  Not really but I can get bored quickly When we talk about the learner […]

What To Do to Increase Motivation

Judy:  You were in a mood last week Nick:  Yes, but I found a course that I really enjoyed Judy: Not a company one. Nick:  No, it was a training company specialist in eLearning. Judy: What was different Nick:  They had interesting activities before, during and after the actual training Modlettes So, what is the […]

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