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Creating Your Own Online Course - 7

Great Presentations are Like Adverts There are three R’s in advertising.  They are, React, Relate and Respond. We will show you how these can help you create learning inspired slide shares in Modlettes. Reaction:  Grab their attention Adverts are brief.  Just enough to cover what’s important. But they still intrigue and interest.  Ads are glance […]

Getting Your Thoughts into Words - Part 2

Freewriting With freewriting, you start writing without quite knowing where your content will end up.  You write as fast as possible to uncover new ideas. The process usually works like this: Use a mindmap to record your ideas as fast as possible Find the essence of your content Revise your content to build on your […]

How to Own Your Training Programme

Hayley sighs. If only she had an extra hour in her day . . . She’d dedicate that extra hour to designing her own training programme. Hayley is an accountant, has always wanted to write a book or a training course on how to prepare your accounts for year end. Unfortunately she has too many […]

How to Engage Hurried Learners

A couple of years ago I took a course on fiction writing (hopefully), I wondered if it would help me with writing for learning so I fished it out. And . . . ta da! It was all there, a great writing technique that works even better for what we do than in fiction. And […]

Persuasive Writing for Learning Lessons

Why are we attracted to some advertisements and not others? Why do we feel we need to read on? It’s all about what grabs you when you first see it. Have you ever seen the famous David Ogilvy Rolls-Royce advert? The art of the advertising copy writer can be used to encourage our learners to […]

The 4C's of Scenarios

In the last Modletter I discussed the use of scenarios, "Why Scenarios"    this time I’m going to tell you some tips for writing them, using the four C’s CHARACTER CONTEXT CHALLENGE CONSEQUENCE CHARACTERS : The main character of your scenario who drives the action should generally be someone like your learners.  Even if the main […]

How Creative Are You?

You don’t have to be creative to create great training in Modlettes. However, some creativity can help. According to researchers from McGill, Harvard and the University of Melboure, a quick test could reveal how much creative potential lies within. Creativity has long been considered difficult to quantify.  But an international cohort of researchers in the […]

How Do You Make a Learner Feel You are Writing for Him or Her?

Who do you write your learning dialogue for? You can’t make everybody happy, trying to write for a mass audience is like trying to fill a swimming pool with an eye-dropper So, let’s create an Ideal Learner profile so you can write more engaging texts. Then you can make your learners feel like you’re writing […]

How You Can Captivate Your Learners

“Bugger!” thinks John Gerrard “I’m screwing this up” John has written an in-depth Modlette on management coaching. His narrative includes his tips learnt over years of coaching in a corporate environment. But doubt has crept in. “What if nobody wants to do this Modlette, because my opening lines are rubbish?” John has read introductions to […]

How to Touch Your Learner's Heart

Do you ever feel that your writing for learning is missing an essential spark? Do you every feel that the passion you felt in the classroom is missing in your eLearning? I have included the key points from my classroom teaching in my eLearning script, But something is missing . . . Then I realised, […]

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