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What eLearners Really Think

Do we believe the Goldfish myth?  "That today’s people have a shorter attention span than a goldfish." This theory is often put forward in training and development circles to justify low learner engagement and retention. But how can this be?  It’s nonsense and I challenge anybody to measure a goldfish’s attention span. According to a […]

Multi-choice Questions to Assess Judgement

Exercising judgement is a critical factor in most jobs today.  We refer to these assessments as Situational Judgement Assessments.  Using multi-choice questions enables us to move beyond assessments of what people know (knowledge of what) to assessments of how that knowledge will be applied in the workplace (Knowledge of how).  Judgement is not the preserve […]

Setting Up Scenario-Based Learning in Modlettes

Christine is a classroom trainer working mainly with Customer Service people in her company.  When she first started, she used to stick slavishly to her notes and her timing and wondered why her pupils failed to perform well in the questionnaire at the conclusion of the course.  One day a pupil asked her a question […]

The Front Line Eunuch

PART 1: Instead of administration work and meetings, they should focus on coaching their employees and on constantly improving quality. Front-line managers are found in almost every company.  These managers are particularly important in industries with distributed networks. The following industries’ infrastructure, travel and logistics, manufacturing, healthcare and retailing (including food service and retail banking) […]

Is Classroom Training Dead?

As we come to the end of 2017 and prepare to face 2018 the old question of eLearning replacing classroom training is raised at budget time.  In 2018 companies will continue to look for ways of doing more with less and so the pressure to have better trained people becomes more intense. Further challenges will […]

Working Smart

Productivity isn’t about becoming a robot.  It’s about focusing when it’s time to focus, getting work done and having them to do the things you want to.   Here are some tips to help your time focused thinking:   Know Where You Spend Your Time Do you end the day wondering where the time went […]

The New Approach

“Self Service” learning is emerging as a dominant feature of digital learning This is radically different from the conventional approach to instructional design, which not only defines learning goals, it determines the path that all learners will take to reach those goals.   Just-in-time Resources The types of content that L&D teams create will also […]

What Comes Next . . . Generation Z

The greatest number of learners we have in the work force today are millennials and we have addressed them in a previous article.  However, Generation Z born since1999 are coming around the corner and we need to be thinking now about the challenges they will offer us.   For them technology will be part of […]

Unique Insights into Engaging Your Millennials in Learning

There is no doubt with all the literature that has been created about the millennial generation that they must be the most studied generation in history. It’s important that we don’t generate a stereotype around the millennial, the large body of research on those born between 1981 and 1999 has provided us with unique insights […]

Learning to Learn

Associate Professor Sandra Milligan at the University of Melbourne analysed the data from over 100,000 learners on the University’s various MOOC’s (Massive Open Online Courses), every click, tap, swipe they made, every document they consulted, and every word they wrote in chat forums and exercises. As a result of this research they found a remarkably […]

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