The Two Basic Urges that Drive Learners

 Nick :  Why does management tell us our pay grades could be affected by our performance in this new course?

Judy:  I guess it’s their way of motivating us.

Well:  Well it’s not motivating me.

Judy:  Awe, come on.  You want to do well don’t you?

Nick:  Yes, but not because of their threats.

Motivation to complete an eLearning course is closely associated with the learner’s engagement in the course.

There are two types of motivational urges that drive learners:

  • Intrinsic Motivation

This is an urge that people feel from within themselves.

It is powerfully dictated by emotions, aspirations, and fears.

If you know your audience well, an eLearning course can be made engaging by appealing to these emotions.

Intrinsic motivation comes with the exploration of knowledge through curiosity and interest in subject.

  • Extrinsic Motivation

This refers to factors contained within the learning environment.

Factors outside the learner, that inspire him or her to engage in a Modlette.

They are tests, grade, threat of punishment. 

They are “knowledge” as an input.

If you can remember learning your times table in early school, and then having to stand up in front of class and recite it.  Very scary!

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