Creating Your Own Online Course – 7

Great Presentations are Like Adverts

There are three R’s in advertising.  They are, React, Relate and Respond.

We will show you how these can help you create learning inspired slide shares in Modlettes.

Reaction:  Grab their attention

Adverts are brief.  Just enough to cover what’s important.

But they still intrigue and interest.  Ads are glance media with BIG TYPE, BIG IMAGE and BIG MESSAGE and this applies to slides too.

The usual part of your slide should convey the message in 3 seconds, and it should also inject some drama to capture attention.  This is where images and type are very important.

If you lose your learners with the early slides the game is over.

Relevant:  Knowing your audience

Adverts like training usually target a specific group and their needs.  To bait your hook, first understand the fish.  Choose the main message you want to bring across each slide and build in emotional connection with real people.

Nothing helps consumers feel connected to an advert or presentation like a good laugh and tugging at the heart strings.

Response:  Making things happen

  • Aim to influence the learner’s behaviour, change their attitudes
  • Decide what do you want them to do, how do you want them to act and how do you want them to feel.

Great Openings

Great beginnings of the best novels or TV shows never fail at making people curious.  By working on a great training introduction, you’re tapping learner’s curiosity and giving them an opportunity to learn something new.  If your opening slides are good, learners will happily read your introductory material.

Voiceover:  The ability to capture their ears

Although the main impact is visual, Modlettes gives you the ability to add a voice message to a slide giving it additional impact.  Always give the learner time to take in the slide before bringing in your voice-over.  Audio should add to the experience not overwhelm it.

More on slide design next week.

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