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Beyond the Learning Management System

The evolution of learning tools has moved from programmes on individual computers to distributed web-based systems that could both administer lessons as well as collect and store testing data.  The present availability of smartphones and tablets has quickly changed the way people search, browse, and view information, leading to advancements in user interface and user […]

Why Learning Designers Should Become Marketers

When I was at school there were some subjects I just struggled to get any interest in.  I would have to force myself to stay awake or at least look like I was awake while drifting off into another more interesting pursuit.   Many of us will have experienced these memories from our high school […]

Microlearning Answers 3 Critical Questions

Implementing a microlearning strategy isn’t just about new content or technology.  It requires a basic change in perception throughout your entire organisation.  We must educate people to change the way they view learning as it relates to business results and work performance.  Many of the people I have worked with – L&D pros included – […]

Here Comes Gen Z

Since I wrote the book “Engaging Your Millennials” in 2010 there have been many more books written about the “difficult” millennials.  They continue to be misunderstood but contrary to popular opinion most of the ones I have met are diligent and successful although they have all clung to their philosophy of work life balance. Many […]

Laughter and Modlettes

Nobody on earth doesn’t like to have a good laugh.  Let’s face it, humorous laughter is a universally pleasant experience. Modlettes can benefit greatly when a little humour is introduced into the mix.  Too often we designers take ourselves a bit too seriously, and this does not always help engage our learners who happen to […]

The Case for Just-In-Time Learning

Just-in-time learning has a long history. It began as a printed card that contained step-by-step instructions for performing a specific task.  The worker did not have to memorise the steps.  Job aids included anything that when made available in the workplace improved job performance by guiding, facilitating or reminding the performers in their accomplishment of […]

Summary of Survey on Learning Technology

Brandon Hall Group has just released the findings of their 2016 Learning Technology Survey; some key points of interest to everybody in the L&D field. 48% of organisations surveyed listed new technologies as the top Learning & Development priority over the next twelve months One of the top targets to technology exploration was module delivery […]

Giving Attention to Attention

How do we get and keep our learner’s attention? Understanding attention (the focusing of consciousness) gives us the ability to support learning.  Here are some key points to help you gain your learner’s attention.   Selective attention Attention is a limited resource; selective attention occurs when we focus our attention on something.  When we select […]

The Challenges of Creating a Learning Experience

It took us four years to develop a concept into a product.  The concept is to make learning simple and straight forward.  No “nice-to-knows”, just “the facts ma’am”.  We wanted to build a platform that would make it easy to design short impactful learning experiences.  What we discovered was a whole lot of additional challenges […]

The Mobile Tsunami

Mobile is proving to be a technological tsunami that is sweeping all before it at a great speed and magnitude.  Smartphones, tablets, the internet (“the cloud”), “always on”, global connectivity, and social communities.  These bring with them new ways of working, playing and collaborating and are infiltrating our habits, behaviours, working practices and new ways […]

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