Write it, Don’t Fight it

What if you could sit down and confidently write for learning?

What if your inner critic let you express yourself freely?

What if writing training programmes was fun and enjoyable?

Do you struggle to get your ideas on screen or paper?

Do you put off starting . . . procrastinating?

When I first started writing for learning it was when we created paper copies called workbooks which supplemented classroom learning.

I used to struggle to get my version of the learning on paper. I was a procrastination gold medallist.  I thought writing to help people learn was difficult.

But overtime, I learned I was wrong.  I learned how to improve my process, and how to work with my inner critic. I improved my writing habits.

The principles of cheerful productivity

Cheerful productivity helps you write with more ease, so you can approach your learning texts with confidence.

Here’s what it’s all about:

  • When you unclog your mind you can focus better, and focus is a higher power that multiples your productivity
  • When you form a writing habit, no matter how small that habit is, you overcome resistance to writing and you find it easier to produce good copy.
  • When you learn to troubleshoot your writing process, you get unstuck more quickly and produce good content faster
  • When your inner critic becomes quieter, you find more satisfaction in writing, and your motivation and confidence grow.

Cheerful productivity becomes satisfying productivity.  When this happens you feel more inspired, you become more confident, and you write better.

Modlettes is so simple . . . its like black and white

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