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Conversation-Driven eLearning

Let’s face it even good voice over, can be tiring to listen to for long periods. We get a bigger buzz by listening to the to and fro of two voices. A change of pace and tone. It’s easier to write dialogue and you tend to stay away from bullet point lists. Some studies have […]

What eLearners Really Think

Do we believe the Goldfish myth?  "That today’s people have a shorter attention span than a goldfish." This theory is often put forward in training and development circles to justify low learner engagement and retention. But how can this be?  It’s nonsense and I challenge anybody to measure a goldfish’s attention span. According to a […]

Is Classroom Training Dead?

As we come to the end of 2017 and prepare to face 2018 the old question of eLearning replacing classroom training is raised at budget time.  In 2018 companies will continue to look for ways of doing more with less and so the pressure to have better trained people becomes more intense. Further challenges will […]

Is the Training Industry in Decline?

In a recent post on the LinkedIn ‘Training Managers’ Group’, SK Jumah wrote “In this short post I would like to get some feedback from different areas around the globe about the current situation of the “Training Industry”.  This post attracted replies from a number of different trainers based in eight different countries.  All these […]

What Comes Next . . . Generation Z

The greatest number of learners we have in the work force today are millennials and we have addressed them in a previous article.  However, Generation Z born since1999 are coming around the corner and we need to be thinking now about the challenges they will offer us.   For them technology will be part of […]

Setting Your Customers Up for Success with Oneline Training

By incorporating training throughout the entire Customer lifecycle, Customers can have access to the knowledge and tools they need to maximise the effectiveness of the products they are purchasing.    As Customers become more efficient and begin to reap the rewards of training, the relationship between your company and your Customer is enhanced. There are three […]

Take the Transport Out of Training

The old saying is still true.  “Your employees are your most valuable asset”.  Just like the maintenance of machinery, it makes sense that companies should invest in updating and developing their workforce.  Today there is an increasing appreciation for the importance of providing learning and development opportunities to employees.  Unfortunately, these good intentions are constrained […]

Microlearning Answers 3 Critical Questions

Implementing a microlearning strategy isn’t just about new content or technology.  It requires a basic change in perception throughout your entire organisation.  We must educate people to change the way they view learning as it relates to business results and work performance.  Many of the people I have worked with – L&D pros included – […]

Onboarding . . . New Year, New Hires

Some stats about on-board or induction if you are of an older school.  In the USA:     40% of turnover happens in the first month     10% of employee leave before their first anniversary     91% of first year employees are retained if there is a formal on-board programme and continuing training […]

It Won't Be Sales Training as we know it . . . Jim!

To keep revenue moving sales organisations are challenged to keep pace as new products and markets are launched.  Reps need new skills, and they need them quickly.  Time – to – productivity has become a key metric when evaluating sales initiatives.  However, it’s not just about learning fast, it’s about maintaining productivity during the process.  […]

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