Writing from the Heart

The idea of writing from the heart used to feel alien to me.

It isn’t really about training as we know it.  We write to train people, not a memoir nor a love letter, so why would I write from my heart?

Sometimes our writing for learning is wearing a business suit, and not our favourite pair of jeans.

As I learned more about, writing for learning, I realised that the best way to connect is personal.

Personal writing can mean sharing your own experiences.  When you tell the stories only you can tell, your unique voice shows through.

But personal writing doesn’t have to be about your life.  Writing about what fascinates you is also a form of personal writing as you let your enthusiasm add sparkle to your words.  And that sparkle is engaging and contagious.

So, get out of your head and write from the heart.

Over time, I learned to worry less about my professional image and not write to impress my professional colleagues, but for my learners.

Dare to be different

In writing that means letting our own personality shine through:

  • Follow your curiosity to create your own mix of ideas
  • Share your experiences and personal stories
  • Find your own voice.

Training is a conversation with your learners, so just focus on your version of what they need to learn.  When you share your ideas and experiences, also think about your learners:  What’s in it for them?

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