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When does perfectionism become an unhealthy habit?

I used to think perfectionism was wanting to edit “one last time” too many times. I now believe perfectionism can spoil my whole writing process and cause undue stress. So here are some pitfalls that to be a consistently good writer for learning you must avoid. Perfectionism becomes unhealthy when you mix it with self-doubt […]

How to Motivate eLearners to learn

Lack of motivation is a major challenge with eLearning, particularly compliance training.  Many learners, unlike Daniela, do not complete courses and leave midway.  Most learners do want to learn to do better in their jobs. The problem may not be with the learner, it may well be the course itself that is guilty. It may […]

Writing for eLearning

Imagine your learners enthralled by your content. They’re reading it because it captures their minds. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Now picture them slowing down, looking out the window. Switching to a YouTube site to watch playful kittens. Not the kind of experience you want to create, eh? Still, it happens more often than you think […]

Create Your Own Online Course - 6

So let’s talk Video. Many of our channel owners at Modlettes have incorporated very successful self-made videos for inclusion in their Modlettes. Why did we include video? Well, people enjoy watching moving pictures.  If you need to learn something where is the first place you go? Most likely, isn’t the library.  The answer:  You Tube […]

Create Your Own Online Course - 5

There are a number of players necessary to create a successful online course.  In the Modlette’s system the following players have their own functions: Channel Owner: Signs up for a trial on one of four plans Sets up the name of the channel and the logo Assigns Administrators or assumes the role him/her self. Administrator: […]

Create Your Own Online Course 3

Creating Course Content How often do you start out on a journey without knowing your destination? So you wouldn’t expect your learners to start your Modlette without knowing what they were going to learn.  So you need to write a compelling learning outcome for your course and its Modlettes. These outcomes or objectives serve three […]

Create Your Own Online Course 2

Before you start you need to be quite sure you know what you are getting into.  Creating a course can generate a very good income; there are a number of things that must come together to make it a success. Decide What Your Course is About : Once you decide to create an online course, […]

Create Your Own Online Course - 1

Why create an online course? Online courses are becoming very popular and more particularly since the onset of the pandemic.  The industry is breaking records with increases of over 30% per year worldwide. The beauty of having your own online course is that it is a facility that keeps on giving.  The profits will keep […]

Cut Wordiness - Part 2

Do you feel that your training Modlettes should contain all the information you have available? Are you scared that if you leave something out the learning will be incomplete? Are your sentences so long they have grown into paragraphs? We continue this series on editing your writing for learning. Wordiness slows readers down. They have […]

Getting Your Thoughts into Words - Part 2

Freewriting With freewriting, you start writing without quite knowing where your content will end up.  You write as fast as possible to uncover new ideas. The process usually works like this: Use a mindmap to record your ideas as fast as possible Find the essence of your content Revise your content to build on your […]

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