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How to Write with Clarity

Ever got lost in the bush? Ever stared at a map, wondering where the hell you were? Or you were arguing with your walking companion about whether to turn right or left? Getting lost in training content makes learners feel bad, too. But there’s one big difference.  When you were lost in the bush you […]

Multi-choice Questions to Assess Judgement

Exercising judgement is a critical factor in most jobs today.  We refer to these assessments as Situational Judgement Assessments.  Using multi-choice questions enables us to move beyond assessments of what people know (knowledge of what) to assessments of how that knowledge will be applied in the workplace (Knowledge of how).  Judgement is not the preserve […]

Training Your Customers

Customer induction is an increasingly important part of long-term Customer relations.  Once a potential becomes a Customer, the induction or on-boarding experience sets the tone for the rest of the relationship.  As your Customer base becomes larger, it becomes more challenging to continue to provide an excellent experience.   In the past there have been […]

News Article from Computerworld New Zealand

Stuart Corner (Computerworld New Zealand) 15 November, 2016 11:30 Auckland startup Modlettes has officially launched its eLearning platform of the same name, saying it aims to make peer-to-peer online learning easy for businesses and save them tens of thousands of dollars in staff training costs. The company says the system “Lets users create bite-sized training […]

How I Overcame Modlette Block

When the Modlette website was converted from concept to reality I sat down to make my first Modlette.  After playing around with the options to see how everything worked it was time to “make” a Modlette. This was when I went into a catatonic state about “how do I get started”.  First up, it asked […]

Modlettes Provides Jim with a Healthy Cash Flow

Jill Peterson is the CEO of a manufacturing and distribution company.  They manufacture electronic devices to make farmer’s lives easier.  The company also distribute a number of devices made by other manufacturers.  They have just expanded their sales force by another sixteen sales reps and Jill is looking for a way to train these people […]

How Modlettes Can Give You a 50% Reduction of Training Costs

What company does not want to provide effective training without increasing the training budget?   Every company is faced with the following challenges: How do we respond to rapid business needs with e-Learning? How do we decide which approach can significantly increase the speed of learning and how do we calculate the returns? How do […]

Laughter and Modlettes

Nobody on earth doesn’t like to have a good laugh.  Let’s face it, humorous laughter is a universally pleasant experience. Modlettes can benefit greatly when a little humour is introduced into the mix.  Too often we designers take ourselves a bit too seriously, and this does not always help engage our learners who happen to […]

The Case for Just-In-Time Learning

Just-in-time learning has a long history. It began as a printed card that contained step-by-step instructions for performing a specific task.  The worker did not have to memorise the steps.  Job aids included anything that when made available in the workplace improved job performance by guiding, facilitating or reminding the performers in their accomplishment of […]

$7.95 is too Expensive for Training and Other Crazy Excuses

  By Robyn Viljoen I love my work and especially meeting amazing inspirational people everyday. Their products are great, they have hired good people and they are passionate about what they do. Everyone is trying to do more with less and cramming it into days that appear to be getting busier.   As someone who […]

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