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Captivate Your Learner with Your Opening

Vickie finished her opening last week by promising Karl that she can teach him how to engage his audience which is his happy destination. And of course, as Karl has been promised a happy destination, he now wants to know more. Now Vickie transitions to the next step in her introduction with a question, “Shall […]

How to Captivate Learners with Your Opening Lines - cont'd

Before you write your opening you have to consider the purpose of your training, in this case Karl’s problem is that his audience gets bored when he’s presenting financials.  So, you’ll determine first: The problem that the Modlette helps solve for your idea learner; in this case, Karl’s problem is that his audience gets bored […]

How to Captivate Learners with Your Opening

We are going to look at a simple formula for writing an opening to your narrative so irresistible that people like your ideal learner will feel compelled to continue. What’s a good opening? A good opening engages learners and entices them to continue with your Modlette. You do this by fulfilling your first two roles […]

Two Examples of Maps (or Outlines)

The examples below show simple maps for training we might use with Modlettes. Each map clarifies the journey from the problem to the happy destination, and it sets the boundaries for what’ll be covered in your training. The first example shows a map using questions.  The second shows a map using bullet points. Using questions […]

The 4 Roles of a Captivating Modlette Designer

With the introduction of these 4 roles, you will see what it needs to encourage your learners to read, and implement your learning. As we’ve seen, good trainers are on a mission to help learners meet their challenges, solve their problems, and achieve their aims.  You are a mentor or guide for your readers; and […]

Map the Journey - continues

Method 3: Mind maps can help generate ideas and understand relations between ideas.  To create a mind map, you start with one idea and then plot how other ideas connect. To create a mindmap, you keep asking yourself: What else is connected to this idea? Vickie wants to create a Modlette about using drawings or […]

Map the Journey

In this lesson Vickie learned how to simplify or flesh out ideas and create a map to a happy place. Creating a map is often called outlining, but Vickie found the idea of maps more useful.  When you have a clear map, it’s easier to guide your ideal learner to their happy place and make […]

How to Make an Endless Stream of Good Ideas

What is a good idea? A good idea is at the sweet spot of what you feel excited writing about and what sparks your learner’s interest because it helps them change their lives. The 4 categories of good eLearning ideas Good eLearning ideas usually fall into one of 4 categories: Goals and aims your ideal […]

Take Off the Heroic Mask of Perfect Professionalism

When it comes to reaching out to your learners, perfect professionals can be kind of boring, just like robots lack engaging personality. Our funny ways, flaws and eccentricities make us human, and more interesting.  So, why hide our imperfections.  Our characteristics are obvious in the classroom so why try and hide them behind an electronic […]

When does perfectionism become an unhealthy habit?

I used to think perfectionism was wanting to edit “one last time” too many times. I now believe perfectionism can spoil my whole writing process and cause undue stress. So here are some pitfalls that to be a consistently good writer for learning you must avoid. Perfectionism becomes unhealthy when you mix it with self-doubt […]

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