The Case for Just-In-Time Learning


Just-in-time learning has a long history.

It began as a printed card that contained step-by-step instructions for performing a specific task.  The worker did not have to memorise the steps.  Job aids included anything that when made available in the workplace improved job performance by guiding, facilitating or reminding the performers in their accomplishment of job tasks.

Today we are much more sophisticated.

Just-in-time learning is in some ways a mirror of present consumer trends, but it is also an obvious reflection of on-line resources such as modlettes, that are now available.  Modlettes provide access in a timely manner on a wide selection of mobile devices in which anyone, anywhere can access information.

Training Managers are now realising that seminars that require a physical attendance are a time-consuming and expensive way to provide employees with the training they need in a timely manner.  This is why more and more companies have introduced e-learning solutions.  Unfortunately, many companies burnt their fingers with e-learning in the 2000’s and these companies are now looking for a more sustainable and modern solution.  The challenge for Technology Led Training Ltd was to offer companies solutions which optimally meet both the company’s as well as the learner’s needs.


The modlettes learning eco-system meets three basic requirements

1. You can use the best instructors.      Who are the best instructors?  Without a doubt they are your own experts.  Nobody knows your product or service like your own people, your experts who have the experience and deal with your processes every day.  With modlettes you can create a self-paced learning experience to teach a new product or service in half a day using your own experts.  This can then be distributed far and wide to an audience of mobile learners via the modlettes platform.  And all this for between one and three dollars per learner per month.  Compare this to taking people away from the workplace to expensive venues.


2.  Enables learning and success control to be measurable    Training managers are continually being challenged with having to measure both the success as well as the attendance at training courses.  The learning effect is not guaranteed by merely playing a “talking head” video – our people learn successfully something when they are truly paying attention.  Modlettes provides you with two different types of questions, one to enhance learning and one to test learning.  The learning questions provide explanations of the answers after the learner has selected and answered.  If the answer is incorrect the quiz format supplies an explanation as to why it is incorrect, thus enhancing the learning process.  This quiz can be applied during the learning session after the input of quantums of information.

The test quiz does not supply explanations but can be inserted at the end of learning to test what has been taken on board.  The results of learning tests can be reported back to the supervising manager as proof of learning.


3.     Allow employees to learn where they work.     Learning today no longer takes place in the classroom but mostly within the work process itself, basically in the same place where employees must also apply the newly applied knowledge.  Hence, the name of just-in-time learning.

It is important to enable the user to quickly access the specific learning nugget needed at a particular moment.  This is achieved by keeping the modlette short, we recommend twenty minutes being the time researched by TED talks as the optimum concentration time of today’s learners.

At Technology Led Training the support for modlettes and just-in-time training has convinced us and many of our Customers that just-in-time learning is the way of the future for workplace training.

To experience the benefits of just-in-time training by producing your own modlette go to, click on Pricing (top of screen), and sign up for the free trial.  No obligations, just a new and interesting training experience

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