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Conversation-Driven eLearning

Let’s face it even good voice over, can be tiring to listen to for long periods. We get a bigger buzz by listening to the to and fro of two voices. A change of pace and tone. It’s easier to write dialogue and you tend to stay away from bullet point lists. Some studies have […]

What eLearners Really Think

Do we believe the Goldfish myth?  "That today’s people have a shorter attention span than a goldfish." This theory is often put forward in training and development circles to justify low learner engagement and retention. But how can this be?  It’s nonsense and I challenge anybody to measure a goldfish’s attention span. According to a […]

Setting Up Scenario-Based Learning in Modlettes

Christine is a classroom trainer working mainly with Customer Service people in her company.  When she first started, she used to stick slavishly to her notes and her timing and wondered why her pupils failed to perform well in the questionnaire at the conclusion of the course.  One day a pupil asked her a question […]

Training Your Customers

Customer induction is an increasingly important part of long-term Customer relations.  Once a potential becomes a Customer, the induction or on-boarding experience sets the tone for the rest of the relationship.  As your Customer base becomes larger, it becomes more challenging to continue to provide an excellent experience.   In the past there have been […]

Microlearning is the Future of Workplace Training

 How do you catch up with the news? Do you still have a paper delivered or do you watch morning TV with your breakfast? Or you may, like a growing number of people go to the internet for short cameos of news, using your smartphone or tablet. This is an example of micro-learning and we […]

Beyond the Learning Management System

The evolution of learning tools has moved from programmes on individual computers to distributed web-based systems that could both administer lessons as well as collect and store testing data.  The present availability of smartphones and tablets has quickly changed the way people search, browse, and view information, leading to advancements in user interface and user […]

How to Support Your Mobile Learners

With more and more learners using mobile devices today, if you are using on-line learning these are some ways you can support these mobile learners.   Use mobile as a medium to deliver just-in-time learning. This involves sending short, microlearning modules (Modlettes) at designated intervals.  This looks on the surface like chunking larger courses into […]

Setting Your Customers Up for Success with Oneline Training

By incorporating training throughout the entire Customer lifecycle, Customers can have access to the knowledge and tools they need to maximise the effectiveness of the products they are purchasing.    As Customers become more efficient and begin to reap the rewards of training, the relationship between your company and your Customer is enhanced. There are three […]

Why Learning Designers Should Become Marketers

When I was at school there were some subjects I just struggled to get any interest in.  I would have to force myself to stay awake or at least look like I was awake while drifting off into another more interesting pursuit.   Many of us will have experienced these memories from our high school […]

Microlearning Answers 3 Critical Questions

Implementing a microlearning strategy isn’t just about new content or technology.  It requires a basic change in perception throughout your entire organisation.  We must educate people to change the way they view learning as it relates to business results and work performance.  Many of the people I have worked with – L&D pros included – […]

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