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What are Transformational Stories?

We often think of learners as numbers, unembodied spirits who hope to learn new skills from our training.  But learners aren’t automations who do training because they are programmed to.  They do it to achieve a better life, be more confident in what they do, improve their performance.  And that’s why Transformational Stories are so […]

Writing for eLearning

How to Use Tiny Ideas for Easy Learning As we know, tiny ideas are great because they give learners actionable advice. Instead of making learners feel overwhelmed by a long list of learning points, you give them one key learning point plus detailed guidance and examples of how to implement this point. Map out your […]

Writing for eLearning

How to Write Great Learning More Quickly Good examples make abstract learning points concrete so learners can understand your advice and apply it to their own situation.  In addition, they make the reading experience richer and more rewarding. But searching for examples can take a lot of time, so today I will share 4 tactics […]

Writing for eLearning

Promote Readability with Short and Broken Sentences This subhead promises a benefit: that you’ll learn how to make your learning narrative more readable, which is one step towards the happy destination of writing engaging eLearning copy.  The subhead may also arouse curiosity as readers may not know what broken sentences have to do with readability. […]

Writing for eLearning

Your opening paragraph has made learners keen to engage in your learning so they can travel to a happy destination to attain confidence in their performance. But even if learners are keen to learn more, they’re still easily distracted, so you still have to keep them engaged throughout your Modlette.  You can keep learners engaged […]

How to Make Your eLearning Feel like a Chat Over Coffee

When Vickie writes for her learning course, she thinks about the various people who might be enrolled for her course.  She also can’t help thinking of her high school teacher looking over her shoulder to check she doesn’t make any grammar mistakes. The first thing Vickie learnt was not to try to engage too many […]

How to Captivate Learners from the Git-Go

A good opening engages learners and entices them to move on into your Modlette. You do this by fulfilling your first two roles as a trainer: Empathize with your learner . . . tell him or her that you understand their fears and struggles, and you put your virtual arm around their shoulders.  When learners […]

Motivation: The Secret Sauce of eLearning

Judy:  Have you finished your assignment yet Nick? Nick: No Judy: Why not? Nick:  I guess I lacked the motivation to finish it. Does this sort of conversation take place between your learners? What is Motivation? In a few words, motivation is what learners WANT to do, CHOOSE to do, and COMMIT to do. Motivation […]

How to Motivate eLearners to learn

Lack of motivation is a major challenge with eLearning, particularly compliance training.  Many learners, unlike Daniela, do not complete courses and leave midway.  Most learners do want to learn to do better in their jobs. The problem may not be with the learner, it may well be the course itself that is guilty. It may […]

Writing for eLearning

Imagine your learners enthralled by your content. They’re reading it because it captures their minds. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Now picture them slowing down, looking out the window. Switching to a YouTube site to watch playful kittens. Not the kind of experience you want to create, eh? Still, it happens more often than you think […]

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