Create Your Own Online Course – 6

So let’s talk Video.

Many of our channel owners at Modlettes have incorporated very successful self-made videos for inclusion in their Modlettes.

Why did we include video?

Well, people enjoy watching moving pictures.  If you need to learn something where is the first place you go?

Most likely, isn’t the library.  The answer:  You Tube videos.

Free learning videos and online video-based courses have fast found their way onto the learning scene.

It makes sense, because . . .

Video engages two senses, sight and hearing, providing for a better, multi-sensory learning experience.  Plus, video can show examples of real-life application of skills rather than simply “telling” a learner what to do.

But to be effective, eLearning videos have to be done well.

They have to be well-written, well-produced, and meet all the desired learning objectives.

There are a number of very good tutorials for making videos and rather than try to impress you with our skills (which would be misleading) we are going to direct you to some sites that can do a much better job than us.






Ask Yourself “Why?”

The biggest mistake we can make is adding video because it’s nice to have.  This leads to higher costs in both money and time.  And if the video doesn’t fit with what you’re trying to teach, your learners may not even pay attention.  So step one is to always ask why you feel like using video, and what the video purposes are.  Here are some examples:

  • To demonstrate a physical technique
  • To emphasise a key point
  • To summarise a Modlette
  • To increase emotional impact and engagement on a certain topic

Modlettes supported Videos

The following file formats are supported by Modlettes:

  • Video: MOW, AVI, MPEG-4, WMY, FLV, WebM
  • Audio Only:  MP3

If you have the appetite for our full technical guidelines, please email colin with “Tech guidelines” in the subject line and I will send these to you smartly.

Juggling balls is hard . . . Modlettes is easy

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