Create Your Own Online Course – 4

Now’s the time for the real planning to begin. I like to use a mind map to get all my ideas on paper with the course objective at the centre to remind me what it’s about.

In the Resources section of the Modlettes site ( you can download a free eBook called “Make My Modlettes Amazing . . . a helpful guide to designing amazing Modlettes.”  At the conclusion of this amazing little book is a storyboard template that you can download and use to storyboard your next Modlette.

Decide which medium of Modlettes will best convey each learning chunk.

 There are six medium you can use as follows:

  1. Reading:  This medium gives you the opportunity to introduce the Modlette objectives and give the learner some detail of the Modlette structure.
  2. Video: Video is one of today’s most popular teaching mediums.  The value of Modlettes is you can add other mediums to make your video more meaningful.
  3. Document:  This feature allows you to share documents with your audience that they can download.  A good feature for policies and checklists.
  4. Slide Deck:  The slide deck enables you to include slides in your Modlette with the added ability to use voiceover to elaborate on your slides
  5. Image:  Use an image instead of words.  Sometimes an image is better than long written explanations, e.g. a person wearing the correct PPE gear or a floor plan
  6. Quiz:  There are three different quizzes you can construct.
    1. A learning quiz.  This quiz shows you why your answer is wrong
    1. A testing quiz. A quiz where the learner’s results are returned to the moderator to record.  Usually used for confirmation of learning at the end of a Modlette.
    1. Free text quiz.  Allows the learner to type in their answer for analysis and marking by the moderator.

The Modlettes’ quiz system allows a number of ways of checking both knowledge and “ability to apply”.  There are a number of articles relating to ways to use the quiz in the Modlettes’ blog library on the site.  Blog – Modlettes

Next move:

You can now decide which of these mediums you will use for each of your chunks in the storyboard.  And then you should create a file where you can download the material ready to upload into your chosen media block.

More on this next week:  When you have followed all the above instructions you have covered 90% of the work to make a Modlettes, getting it up on the Modlettes platform ready for assignment is the easy part.

Modlettes is making complex ideas simple, not making simple ideas complex.