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$7.95 is too Expensive for Training and Other Crazy Excuses

  By Robyn Viljoen I love my work and especially meeting amazing inspirational people everyday. Their products are great, they have hired good people and they are passionate about what they do. Everyone is trying to do more with less and cramming it into days that appear to be getting busier.   As someone who […]

Summary of Survey on Learning Technology

Brandon Hall Group has just released the findings of their 2016 Learning Technology Survey; some key points of interest to everybody in the L&D field. 48% of organisations surveyed listed new technologies as the top Learning & Development priority over the next twelve months One of the top targets to technology exploration was module delivery […]

Giving Attention to Attention

How do we get and keep our learner’s attention? Understanding attention (the focusing of consciousness) gives us the ability to support learning.  Here are some key points to help you gain your learner’s attention.   Selective attention Attention is a limited resource; selective attention occurs when we focus our attention on something.  When we select […]

The Challenges of Creating a Learning Experience

It took us four years to develop a concept into a product.  The concept is to make learning simple and straight forward.  No “nice-to-knows”, just “the facts ma’am”.  We wanted to build a platform that would make it easy to design short impactful learning experiences.  What we discovered was a whole lot of additional challenges […]

The Mobile Tsunami

Mobile is proving to be a technological tsunami that is sweeping all before it at a great speed and magnitude.  Smartphones, tablets, the internet (“the cloud”), “always on”, global connectivity, and social communities.  These bring with them new ways of working, playing and collaborating and are infiltrating our habits, behaviours, working practices and new ways […]

Uberise Your Learning and Development

Uber and Airbnb are the two fastest growing companies on the globe. They represent the best in disruption, innovation, lean operating model; using the technology available to hyper-connect our world with a mobile click.  The concept of these two companies is to combine smart-phone connectivity with huge real-time data on supply and demand.   What […]

Why Modlettes Leads the New Learning Revolution

Modlettes is a way of teaching and delivering content to learners in small specific bursts. Why is this becoming the new method of training? To answer this question, let’s look at today’s and tomorrow’s demographics and who the learners will mostly be. By 2025, Millenials alone will make up 75 per cent of the workforce.  […]

Some Notes on What We Can Learn From the All Blacks

The All Blacks have just been awarded the prestigious Laureus Award as “Most Outstanding and Accomplished Sports Team in 2015”. The Laureus Sports Award is held annually, celebrating the most remarkable men, women and team from the world of sport along with their achievements from the previous calendar year. Here are some of the things […]

Why You Need a Storyboard

In speaking with modlette authors who are unhappy about their attempts at creating a modlette we found that nearly all of these folks had not used a storyboard. They were so keen to find out how the modlette authoring system worked they just jumped straight in and made videos or slides without any planning.  The […]

Getting a Great Start to the Learning Experience

It’s like speed dating. You have less than a minute to get the audience engaged in your modlette from the beginning.  So the initial steps are the most important for any learning event.  You need to answer the following questions in these steps to ensure that the learners stay on: What is in the modlette […]

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