The Emperor Has No Clothes

As a child I remember the story of The Emperor’s New Clothes.  The emperor in the story strutted around believing he was wearing the finest garments in all the world.  The truth is, as you’ll likely remember, was he was stark naked.  The public image he believed he was presenting was quite different to the public’s perception of this appearance.

Many companies today are in a very similar situation.  They believe they provide their Customers with “super experiences” that place their company far ahead of their competitors.  But this is not so!  And, just as with the deluded emperor of old, the naked truth is quite ugly : the fact is the experiences provided by many companies fall far short of Customer’s expectations.


Communication is the Key to Great Customer Experience

A ‘super experience’ is one that demonstrates a company cares about Customers and seeks to serve their wants and needs.  However, a super Customer experience conveys the message that the company appreciates and values its Customers.

How can companies best convey that message of appreciation?  Through communicattion.  Communication is the foundation upon which a super Customer experience is built.

Although communication is a two-way street it’s a very broad avenue.  Many vehicles of communication are ideal for travelling along this avenue.  Many companies use surveys to get Customer feedback, modern technology has gifted us with many options for communication with clients, including chatbots, newsletters and an array of other options.


Create Value Driven Personalised and Relevant Notifications

Each communication with your Customers must deliver value.  Fluff leads to failure.  Each message must deliver value that justifies the time and attention you’re requesting from your Customer.  Meeting this requirement, of course, is a best practice for every brand and every situation.  But it’s a best practice that increases in importance when Customers are connecting with your brand across multiple channels.

Ultimately, all communications should be relevant and personalised to ensure the interruption involved (and all messaging involves some degree of interruption of your Customer’s lives) is justified from the Customer viewpoint.


What We’ve Got Here Is Failure to Communicate

The movie “Cool Hand Luke” includes a famous line that’s applicable to the modern activities of the company-Customer dialogue:  “What we’ve got here is failure to communicate”.  Companies are often unaware that the majority of consumers are quite aware of that failure.  And most are actively on the lookout for companies that deliver a better Customer experience.

So, for companies that continue to drop the ball with Customer communications, a slight tweak to that old movie quote will be quite applicable:  “What we’ve got here is failure”.

A number of companies are achieving success with Customer communications by using Modlettes to distribute product information.  The multi media functionality of Modlettes enables them to supply a wide variety of information including trouble shooting.


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