Help Your Customers Feel Good About Using Your Product

Innovations have no value unless people and organisations harness them to achieve their goals. One of the most effective mechanisms to ensure Customers are continuing to enjoy value from your innovative products and services is by investing in Customer education.

The exponential increase in patents registered in the USA is firm evidence that innovation is alive and well.  Innovation moves faster than our imaginations can keep up with it.  We invent one breakthrough technology today and then tomorrow’s inventors transform it into another we never imagined possible.

In today’s economy organisations are constantly working to maintain their Customer base and must focus on the overall Customer relationship.  For these organisations, lifetime value is based on a strong foundation of active, engaged Customers who understand the value of your product and experience that value regularly.

Customer education is the key driver of creating this value for Customers at scale.  Potential opportunities include the development of resources such as the following:

  • Learning paths made up of short, modular courses in which users can select the specific part of the training they want or need.
  • 30-second video walk-through that demonstrate how to use a particular feature.
  • Short, how-to videos that walk through the fundamentals of using your product.
  • Blog posts that outline best practices, tips and tricks, and additional resources at the user’s disposal.
  • Knowledge checks and quizzes that ensure users are successfully acquiring the right information.

Developing engaging content is no easy task but no-one knows more about your product or service than you, yourself.  This process is made even easier by the Modlettes’ learning platform where you make your own learning experiences for your Customers.  The initial investment will pay out over the long term if the content meets your users’ needs.  The Customer relationship is now a core component of business success and ensuring they feel supported as your product and company evolve is critical to creating lifetime value.

Research from the Technology Services Industry Association found that trained Customers are 68 percent more likely to use a product than their untrained colleagues.

While keeping up with the pace of technology development and innovation can seem overwhelming, building a strong Customer education programme is an effective way to get alongside your Customers and help them get the most from your products.  There is an easy platform at Modlettes to start experimenting with what will help you produce training of a high level of Customer satisfaction.

By supplying your Customers with the right content exactly when they need it, you help build the Customer relationship and create a foundation for long-term success.

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