What Do We Want in Online Training?

Online Training

We have researched the delivery of online training for two years and come to the conclusion that companies have the following challenges today:

  1. Those needing to train can no longer afford to have their learners away from the workplace for long periods of time sitting in a classroom.
  2. The LMS is no longer meeting the needs it was designed for and replacements are expensive
  3. Many of today’s learners in the workplace are now millennials whose learning style is very different to classical models
  4. There is a need to get just-in-time information quickly into the hands of learners
  5. The mobile tsunami has created new and exciting mediums.

As a result, we need a product that meets these needs.  Modlettes is a platform that enables Customers to create their own training programmes using the tools they have on their own devices, and make these available to learners on multiple devices at a very affordable price.

Please check out modlettes at www.modlettes.com, take the free trial and send us your comments in this group.