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Training Your Customers

Customer induction is an increasingly important part of long-term Customer relations.  Once a potential becomes a Customer, the induction or on-boarding experience sets the tone for the rest of the relationship.  As your Customer base becomes larger, it becomes more challenging to continue to provide an excellent experience.   In the past there have been […]

Microlearning is the Future of Workplace Training

 How do you catch up with the news? Do you still have a paper delivered or do you watch morning TV with your breakfast? Or you may, like a growing number of people go to the internet for short cameos of news, using your smartphone or tablet. This is an example of micro-learning and we […]

So, You're Wanting to Train Your Customers

In 2017 we have noticed a strong trend towards our Customers using on-line to train their Customers in how to get the best out of their products.  Here’s what we at Modlettes are expecting to happen in this genre of training and information dispersement in 2018: Increased emphasis on adoption Many companies with product training […]

The Key Findings of a Research Paper by Forrester Research

This paper is entitled “Mobile Learning Will Lead the Charge for Corporate Learning in New Workers Environments” The study yielded a number of key findings. Executive Summary The learning expectations of today’s workers have changed.  Traditional classroom and eLearning courses have less relevance in today’s corporate, fast-paced environment.  Our research shows that online learning is […]

Using Mobile for Onboarding

When we recruit new hires, we are expending a lot of time and it can be expensive.  The HR department does its very best to get the best talent onboard and with skills that fit the vacant role.  So why would we not provide the sort of welcome that prepares the new person in the […]

How to Support Your Mobile Learners

With more and more learners using mobile devices today, if you are using on-line learning these are some ways you can support these mobile learners.   Use mobile as a medium to deliver just-in-time learning. This involves sending short, microlearning modules (Modlettes) at designated intervals.  This looks on the surface like chunking larger courses into […]

Pokemon Go

It’s the latest, and I am told everybody’s doing it.  It’s Pokémon Go which is a free, location-based augmented reality game developed for mobile devices, so Google tells me.  Because of its association with mobile devices I decided to do some more research and I came across an article by Liz Sheffield who is a […]

What Do We Want in Online Training?

We have researched the delivery of online training for two years and come to the conclusion that companies have the following challenges today: Those needing to train can no longer afford to have their learners away from the workplace for long periods of time sitting in a classroom. The LMS is no longer meeting the […]

The Mobile Tsunami

Mobile is proving to be a technological tsunami that is sweeping all before it at a great speed and magnitude.  Smartphones, tablets, the internet (“the cloud”), “always on”, global connectivity, and social communities.  These bring with them new ways of working, playing and collaborating and are infiltrating our habits, behaviours, working practices and new ways […]

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