Good eLearning is about ability and time

Judy:  So, you like hard questions in your eLearning?

Nick:  Yes, I like a challenge.

Judy:  What if they’re so hard there’s no way you can answer them?

Nick:  If they‘re that hard I’ll walk away.

Judy: You’re a loser.

Nick:  Not really but I can get bored quickly

When we talk about the learner being “in the zone”, we mentioned that the best learning takes place when there is balance.

That is a balance between the difficulty of the task and the skill of the learner.

If the task is too easy or if information is presented too slowly the learner may get bored and feel the course does not meet needs.

If the tasks are too challenging, the learner loses motivation and feels incapable of acquiring the skills outlined in the objectives.

Creating presentations that keep the learner “in the zone” requires a balance between the challenge and the ability of the learner.

Ideally the tasks should progressively become stiffer as the learners increase their skills.

Best practice is to state upfront what skills the learners will acquire by the end of the course.

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