Create Your Own Online Course – 1

Why create an online course?

Online courses are becoming very popular and more particularly since the onset of the pandemic.  The industry is breaking records with increases of over 30% per year worldwide.

The beauty of having your own online course is that it is a facility that keeps on giving.  The profits will keep coming for a long time.

Once you have created your original, you need to make some updates when necessary and give some student support.

Your role change from sage on the stage to teacher shows you have a lot of knowledge in your sector.  That means your brand trust will grow and so will your business.

You can also use an online course to complement your core business.  For example, if you have a gardening centre you could sell a course on growing roses and encourage people to order their roses from you. As you can see, there are very few downsides to creating an online course.  You just need to be able to create one and sell it.  Once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll see all the benefits it will bring to your business.

Online Course Ideas

Once you have decided the broad topic you have the expertise to teach, you need to break it down.

If your interest is in food and its presentation because you are a chef with hotel experience you can’t attempt a whole course on “cooking”.  There are many aspects to cooking that you can teach as separate entities.  Plus, you may be very good at one more than others.

To make it easier on you, and easier to market you can probably target a sub-niche of cooking:

  • Cooking for two
  • Vegan cooking for beginners
  • Cooking with tomatoes

Now, once you analyse which sub-niches you like, you can think about the specific course topics covered by it.  This is when you can come up with your online course idea:

  • Cooking quick meals for busy couples
  • Cooking vegan desserts
  • Great barbecue tomato sauces

The more specific you get with your course ideas; it will be easier for you to get started.  This is because specific courses are much easier to create and fit neatly into a Modlette.  They are also much easier to market.

Look for more information on creating your own online course on our Resources section of our website.

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