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Onboarding . . . New Year, New Hires

Some stats about on-board or induction if you are of an older school.  In the USA:     40% of turnover happens in the first month     10% of employee leave before their first anniversary     91% of first year employees are retained if there is a formal on-board programme and continuing training […]

It Won't Be Sales Training as we know it . . . Jim!

To keep revenue moving sales organisations are challenged to keep pace as new products and markets are launched.  Reps need new skills, and they need them quickly.  Time – to – productivity has become a key metric when evaluating sales initiatives.  However, it’s not just about learning fast, it’s about maintaining productivity during the process.  […]

New Year Resolutions . . . What the Hell!

New Year Resolutions . . . What the Hell!   The nature of training shows there’s always room to improve, and the New Year is an ideal time to look forward to exploring new opportunities through your training programmes.   There are exciting opportunities to try new methods, investing in new content or technology, or […]

Onboard and Engaging New Customers

A sale transaction is only the beginning of a relationship.  Customers that have great early experiences are much more likely to be loyal than those who have difficulty during onboarding, or worse, never really engage with your products and services.  Some organisations delight Customers from the first moment. Uber can have a car in front […]

Designing Product Training for Customers

Best practices for using your Modlettes to train your Customers in the best use of your products. At Modlettes we are working with Customers to provide a new and innovative way to enable their Customers. Here are five best practices for creating training content that people find engaging:   Design each course to take 30 […]

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