Setting Your Customers Up for Success with Oneline Training

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By incorporating training throughout the entire Customer lifecycle, Customers can have access to the knowledge and tools they need to maximise the effectiveness of the products they are purchasing.    As Customers become more efficient and begin to reap the rewards of training, the relationship between your company and your Customer is enhanced.

There are three areas that Customers can get value from your on-line training:

Phase 1 :        Lead Generation

Phase 2 :        Customer Onboarding

Phase 3 :        Customer Support


Customer lifecycle training gives Customers the knowledge and tools they need to be successful.  As Customer success and satisfaction grows, so does retention and repeat business.



Phase 1 : Lead Generation

Modlettes is one of the newest forms of content marketing.  This type of content marketing enables you to generate awareness about your company and its products.  By offering Customer training during the lead generation stage, you can inform potential Customers about what your company has to offer, and how they can benefit from your products and services.


Who Benefits?

Companies that offer products and services where potential Customers are required to learn new skills or make a large investment gain more leverage by providing a form of pre-learning.


  • Learn new skills

New products sometimes require Customers to learn a new skill in order to be able to get the maximum benefits from a product.  For instance, a company who markets a bread maker may offer free training on making different styles of bread.  This training could demonstrate how to use the different settings and recipes so that the end-user gets the maximum use of the product plus a range or style of bread they may have never tried before.



  • Make a large investment

Both enterprises and consumers occasionally make very high priced purchases such as buying a house.  These types of purchases are highly considered decisions, and potential Customers proactively educate themselves about their available options.


The most useful and budget-friendly method is to offer short, free courses that encourage engagement with low-risk entry.  Automate the integration of training registration data with your sales and marketing systems to ensure the smoothest process for the sales team as they engage with new leads.


Attracting new Customers is a key part of the Customer lifecycle.  By offering training to expand your lead generation programme, you can effectively and efficiently educate potential Customers about your offerings.



Phase 2 : Customer Onboarding

After a lead has converted to a Customer, the next step in the Customer lifecycle is onboarding.  By leveraging your training programme at this point in the lifecycle, you can create a smooth onboard experience for your Customer’s initial success.


The training objective of this phase of training is to help Customers launch their initial use of your product/service.  Offer training that provides step-by-step instructions on how to get started with using your product.


Companies can offer courses for free, or charge for each course.  Categorise courses by Customer role within their company, like administrator, end-user, and partner to create different learning tracks.  Learning tracks provide an organised training process specifically tailored for each role.


Measure the success of your on-line training by the speed and effectiveness of the on-boarding process for Customers who participate in training.  If you are replacing or augmenting an instructor led process, you can also measure cost savings from offering online self-paced learning.


The onboard experience can set the tone for the rest of the Customer and company relationship.  Training at this stage of the lifecycle assist new Customers with launching for initial success.


(Modlettes offers the “Modlette Playbook” to provide a step-by-step summary of functions in order to make and distribute a Modlette).



Phase 3 : Customer Support

Continuing Customer education during the support stage of the lifecycle can keep your Customers engaged after initial launch and increase overall satisfaction.  The key is to make sure that Customers continue to find value in your products and your company.  Providing training about product updates, new offerings, and even refreshers on how to maximise the use of their current products are great ways to help cultivate the Customer relationship.


A company can use training to provide outstanding ongoing support and Customer education during the support stage of a Customer lifecycle.  With training as your tool, you can create a lasting Customer relationship that encourages a continuous Customer lifecycle.


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Creating Customers for life presents a unique challenge that can be answered by providing an online training programme.  Throughout the lifecycle, from lead generation, to onboarding, and Customer support, you have an opportunity to set Customers up for success.

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