Onboarding . . . New Year, New Hires

Some stats about on-board or induction if you are of an older school.  In the USA:

  1.     40% of turnover happens in the first month
  2.     10% of employee leave before their first anniversary
  3.     91% of first year employees are retained if there is a formal on-board programme and continuing training and development          programmes
  4.     50% are retained if there is no on-board programme.

Research over many years has shown that the five best practices for on-board include:


Planning ahead . . . .    Prior to start date paperwork can be sent to new hire electronically which shares information about the company.  This can include a video.  A Modlette is idea for this.


Integrate Company Gals and Culture        Walk the inductee through the company's strategic plan and objectives of their department.  Connect them with key people and provide them with a go-to person.  Help them become conversant with the Mission Statement, Values and Purpose Statements


Outline Expectations, Goals and Success Criteria       Create 30, 60 and 90 day plans and regular one-on-one meetings with direct supervisors to review these plans


Use Technology and Online Training         Use quizzes to  evaluate progress and determine areas of improvement.  Use online training with quizzes to teach compliance related subjects and soft skills.  Always evaluate your online training regularly to identify gaps in your programme.


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