What Comes Next . . . Generation Z


The greatest number of learners we have in the work force today are millennials and we have addressed them in a previous article.  However, Generation Z born since1999 are coming around the corner and we need to be thinking now about the challenges they will offer us.


For them technology will be part of everyday life.  When they want new knowledge or to learn a new skill, they simply plug in and let the information flow freely.  They have the tech experience and the confidence to use it.  This generation are part of a global fraternity and this will make them goal-driven and realistic.


Here are some researched tips from a number of commentators on how to give your Generation Z workforce the pragmatic and purpose-drive on-line training they require.


  1. Offer “on demand” microlearning resources. Generation Z employees are not known for their long attention spans.  They have been hopping on-line since early school days to get the knowledge they need when they need it.  As such, you must offer them mobile friendly online training resources that they can access on demand.  Don’t make them dredge the web for the key takeaways or sit through a lengthy lecture if you want them to actively participate and learn.  Instead create your own video or imbed YouTube videos into your microlearning on-line training, and pack lots of learning quizzes to keep them fully engaged.  In other words, make it convenient for them to develop their skills and explore new tasks.


  1. Use Social Media to your advantage: Most Generation Z employees check their social media pages on a daily basis, if not hourly.  They use these platforms to chat with their friends, keep up with the latest news, and build their professional careers.  Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram are an important part of their lives.  So, why not use them to your advantage by integrating them into the training programme.  Post links to on-line articles and websites they may find beneficial, create groups and on-line forums where they can ask questions and solicit feedback.  Make social media a cornerstone of your on-line training strategy so they feel right at home.


  1. Keep it real: As a general rule, Generation Z employees are realists.  They aren’t looking at the world through rose-tinted glasses.  Instead these modern learners are aware of the fact that hard work and dedication paves the way to success.  Therefore, it’s important to make your on-line training as realistic and relevant as possible.  Introduce real life scenarios and stories that emphasize real world applications.  Develop case studies with quizzes to test their understanding.


  1. Cultivate a supportive and transparent online training culture: Generation Z workforce expects transparency and honesty from the employer.  Be clear about what is expected of them, set clear performance standards and how they will achieve their objectives.  Also, be very clear about how their performance will be measured.  Generation Z staff members also respect their elders, which means they may benefit from a mentorship on-line training programme that pairs them with past generations.  The trick is to cultivate an on-line training culture that gives them their independence, but also offers them the support they need to fill in the gaps where necessary.


  1. Make it multi-platform friendly: Generation Z employees have a variety of different devices on-hand, even though they have a personal favourite.  For this very reason, it’s essential to have a multi-platform on-line training programme that they can access anywhere, anytime.  Use a format like modlettes.com to develop a master on-line training course that adjusts to fit their screen size and resolution.


Generation Z employees are perseverant, tech-savvy, multi-taskers who expect something unique and entertaining from their on-line training.



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