A Good Closing Paragraph Inspires Your Learners

Many training designers don’t write a final paragraph.  They think a test quiz is the closing bell.   

But as trainers, our task is not simply to share learning, but to encourage our learners, to make them feel inspired, to spark action.  

To train people to implement what they learn or to change their behaviour, start with imagining your ideal learner.  What’s stopping them from implementing your training advice?  Do they think they can’t do it?  Do they feel it’s too much effort for too little gain?  Do they fear ridicule from their colleagues?   

When you understand what’s holding your ideal learner back, you can help them with specific advice.  Give a pep talk or remind them of the benefits of following your training.  

Let’s look at some ways of doing this:

Closing Option 1: Repeat the essence.

Imagine a long list of writing tips in a modlette on written communication.  Would learners be overwhelmed?  Would they remember anything?  

A simple way to write your final lines is to repeat the essence of your message … the main thing you want your learners to take on board.  

In the sample paragraph below, for instance, the learner is reminded that good training is a conversation with your learners:  

The truth about seducing your learners.Good writing for eLearning isn’t about hitting the publish button.Training isn’t a one-way communication.  You’re starting a conversation with your learners. 

Learn who your learners are.  Understand their struggles.  Know their frustrations.Treat your learners even better than you would treat a friend.  Help them overcome their uncertainties in their decisions.Captivate them.  Seduce them.  Enchant them.  Sweep them off their feet. 

Let the learners leave with a stimulating message rather than just the results of a test that rated their ability to remember a lot of facts.