Why Modlettes Leads the New Learning Revolution


Modlettes is a way of teaching and delivering content to learners in small specific bursts. Why is this becoming the new method of training?

To answer this question, let’s look at today’s and tomorrow’s demographics and who the learners will mostly be. By 2025, Millenials alone will make up 75 per cent of the workforce.  The average attention span of the millennial generation is approximately 90 seconds.

Want to be part of the Revolution?  Join Modlettes at www.modlettes.com, take the “Free Join Up” and start to make your own modlettes.


Here’s some tips for making successful micro-learning experiences:

Set a measurable goal :       A goal that explains what you want the learner to DO as a result of completing the learning.  The more objectives you try to introduce, the longer your content will be and you will ultimately lose your audience.


Use video :        You can create excellent video today on your cell phone.  70 percent of Millenials visit YouTube monthly.  They simply prefer video over other mediums.


Production Quality Matters :      Technology has made it so nearly everyone has the ability to create video – whether it’s on a Smartphone, tablet, a professional camera or a Go Pro.  But bad video can distract from good content.  It doesn’t take much to enhance your video quality without spending a lot of money.  Use natural light, shoot in a quiet room, and set up your camera slightly above your eye level.


Timing is What It’s All About!       Remember that 90 second statistic?  The videos you create should never be more than 4 minutes, preferably less.  Learners want to get straight to the point.  When creating a storyboard for your video, a good rule of thumb to follow is 120 words for every minute of video.  Making a short, content rich video requires the control to self-edit.


Prove Learning Took Place :      When you build your content, think about how you will know learning took place.  Modlettes has a very good multi-choice question system which also includes a picture function so you can ask learners to identify aspects of the picture.  The final test quiz also has a feedback function where the percentage score plus a summary of which questions were incorrectly answered.  This makes it possible to prove learning took place.


So Join the Revolution and introduce Modlettes and its functions into your company’s learning eco-system.