Modlettes Provides Jim with a Healthy Cash Flow


Jill Peterson is the CEO of a manufacturing and distribution company.  They manufacture electronic devices to make farmer’s lives easier.  The company also distribute a number of devices made by other manufacturers.  They have just expanded their sales force by another sixteen sales reps and Jill is looking for a way to train these people in the company products without the costs of bring them all to head office, and every time there is a product launch or a change in policy.


She calls in Jim Hadley who is a sales trainer she has used before and whose results she has been happy with.  Jill explains her problem to Jim and asks him what it would cost for him to do the training in the four main centres.  Jim has been using modlettes in his training for some time and recognises an opportunity to confirm Jill’s company as a long term client.


In their meeting Jim explains to Jill how he can continue to use his sales training material, customise it to Jill’s products by using an on-line forum called modlettes.  He demonstrates how he has used modlettes and shows her a short modlette he has made using one of the company’s products.  Jill is very interested and questions what device the reps would need.  “This is not a problem with modlettes,” Jim is happy to point out, “as they can connect to any device, including all common forms of mobile phone.”


Jill is impressed and makes enquiries as to what type of investment would be required.  Jim showed her the pricing screen and pointed out that she could use modlettes for any type of on-line training for her total staff for less than $2.00 per person per month.  She could also monitor which people had finished a modlette and what their final score in their test quiz was.  This was very handy when proving completion of compliance training such as health and safety.


Jim suggested that Jill’s company create their own channel and that he would negotiate a rate to assist them in making modlettes for all their training.


All good stories have a happy ending.  Jill’s company now uses modlettes for most of their training, computer skills, health and safety, sales, Customer service and on-boarding of new employees.  Jim has a good cash flow from his modlettes consulting and is quickly spreading the word to other clients.


If you have great training material now is the time to digitise it and there is no better way than modlettes.

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