How Modlettes Can Give You a 50% Reduction of Training Costs


What company does not want to provide effective training without increasing the training budget?


Every company is faced with the following challenges:

  • How do we respond to rapid business needs with e-Learning?
  • How do we decide which approach can significantly increase the speed of learning and how do we calculate the returns?
  • How do we help our subject matter experts create content?


Here are some answers to these questions.

  • Rapid e-Learning is an oxymoron; e-Learning is inherently rapid. Its principals are all about speed and quality.  It provides immediate learning.  It’s tools and software are fast, inexpensive and have capabilities beyond our ability to imagine.  It is personalised and just-in-time learning at its best.
  • Our e-Learning programs are at 50% heavier than they should be (too much content). These are at least 75% cumbersome (too much control) than what is required by e-Learners.
  • Modlettes present an architectural plan so all contributors can follow a process
  • Remember “garbage in, garbage out” – e-Learning can be more like, “the more garbage that is generated, the slower the speed or flow of learning and the higher the costs!”
  • Instructional designers have their own “beliefs” born out of their backgrounds, interests and skill sets.
  • Modlettes provides clear direction for design processes, software and resource requirements and this leads to a clarity of standards and streamlined decision making.
  • Modlettes help you reduce the amount of content to focus on “must learns”. This increases the speed of development, cuts costs and meet the learner’s needs.
  • Modlettes gives you the ability to randomly select application points and allow e-Learners to learn or apply ideas rapidly; it cuts down by 75% the burden of having to read page after page.
  • Modlettes assists SME’s to organise, categorise, write and display the content that meets a high standard, modlettes makes it easy to structure their contribution so it is easy and time efficient for them.
  • Not all content needs to be in an interactive form. Interactivity can be achieved by using the excellent quiz facilities available in modlettes.  There is both a learning quiz and a testing quiz available to satisfy the needs of testing learning.  By reducing interactivity, you reduce your development time (and costs), and allow the learners to focus on what is truly important and what matters – which is one of the e-Learner’s needs.


Modlettes are the ideal medium for letting learners learn their own way.

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