How I Overcame Modlette Block


When the Modlette website was converted from concept to reality I sat down to make my first Modlette.  After playing around with the options to see how everything worked it was time to “make” a Modlette.

This was when I went into a catatonic state about “how do I get started”.  First up, it asked me for a picture, that didn’t take long because I didn’t have very many in my pictures file.  Early frustration.

These frustrations continued to blight my less than constructive meanderings until I finally gave myself the message.  For thirty years, I had been teaching sales and negotiation, always preaching that the completion is only as good as the preparation.  If I needed pictures for my Modlette (or any other material) then I should make sure they are in my picture file before I start.

How do we prepare to create a Modlette?  The same way as we prepare for a negotiation, draw a mind map or whatever form you use to get your thoughts on paper.  Best you do this away from your computer, away from the temptation to make a pre-emptive strike and be blocked again.

When you have all your ideas on paper, go through them all and take out the “nice-to-knows” and keep the “have-to-knows” because this is the spirit of just-in-time training.  Stick with the objectives that you want your learners to know.

Whoa!  It’s not time to go back to your computer yet, you’re still in planning time.  Your next planning stage is to convert your ideas into a “story board”.  We have included a storyboard form in our e-book on the website; however, you should use whatever suits you.  The storyboard enables you to structure your Modlette so that you have a logical sequence of events to tell your learning story.

Once you’ve done this you know what pictures or videos you will need and you can start assembling these or get your camera device in action creating new ones ready to go into a file ready for transfer as you assemble your Modlette.

When you have done these essentials you will find that the assembly of your Modlette will take very little time, given the tools we have given you for assembly.

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