Has the LMS Outlived Itself?


Over the last decade many companies have invested in Learning Management Systems and their potential to meet corporate needs was high when they came on the market.

A recent survey by Brandon Hall Group found that less than half of respondents (45.5%) give their LMS solution high marks in terms of value for price.  They also found that 47.7% of respondents are looking to leave their current LMS platform and more to a new provider.

In the survey, many respondents identified their top reasons looking to opt out were :

  • Poor reporting features
  • Difficult to use
  • Poor Customer support
  • Out-of-date appearance
  • Inability to adapt to changing needs
  • Lack of mobile features

“In a nutshell, far too many organisations feel they are paying too much for systems that are difficult to use, out of date, and do not provide the data and analytics the companies need”

                LMS Trends 2014 : Satisfaction and Spending,

                                 – Brandon Hall Group

What’s Wrong with LMS

Traditional training methods were not designed for today’s workforce; and it is showing that learners are not engaged, and are not retaining the knowledge they need to do their jobs well.  Today’s learners are being overwhelmed by workloads and the speed of business, today’s learners (mainly millennials) are extremely driven, impatient with long drawn out monologues and determined to find knowledge when and how they need it.  They want their knowledge fresh, highly rated, and delivered on technologies they prefer.  Learning that’s fast.  Easy to find, Consumable at the point of need.

Modlettes ticks the boxes of all of the last three points.  Why own and maintain a delivery mechanism when you can, for a fraction of the cost, position your learning modules on a highly secure platform that is maintained 24/7 by a professional partner.

Go to www.modlettes.com scroll to ‘Pricing’ and look up to Free Trial to test drive.

Unfortunately, research overseas shows that many organisations have realised that LMS’s just aren’t meeting their expectations.  Employees aren’t learning more; or retaining enough knowledge; or effectively applying what they’ve learnt to their jobs.

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