$7.95 is too Expensive for Training and Other Crazy Excuses



By Robyn Viljoen

I love my work and especially meeting amazing inspirational people everyday. Their products are great, they have hired good people and they are passionate about what they do. Everyone is trying to do more with less and cramming it into days that appear to be getting busier.


As someone who makes a living from teaching others. I’m always curious to know what businesses are doing to teach their employees and customers.  The bigger corporates have gone the route of Learning Management Systems that often are being utilized to half of their potential. The implementation process is long, procedural, expensive and needs a good change management programme to drive it.  This is a solution for the 15% of New Zealand businesses that fall into this market. What about the other 85% that are Small Medium Enterprises?


SME’s often have a range of reasons why they haven’t developed online training. Here are few….


Online training is too expensive

We have just launched a lite version of Modlettes for $7.95 per month. This gives you 1 Author, 3 Users and 3 Modlettes. How much do you spend on coffee or printer cartridges? It’s even cheaper than the cost of your toilet paper for the month.


We don’t have an eLearning expert

Great news you don’t need one. Can you make a movie? If not hire a student for a weekend or holiday, they’ll whip one up in a couple of minutes on their mobile. Use your own pictures, generate your own quiz. We make learning easy.


We don’t have time to create online training

How much time do you spend repeating information, instructions, procedures or answering the same questions? Ever heard of the saying, “Spend the time to save some time”. Invest a couple of hours in creating this material and save yourself hours of repetition and expensive hourly rates that could be utilized more effectively in the business.


We don’t have a training room

You don’t need one. As long as you have a device that can connect to the internet you can learn any where. Find a place, plug in your headphones, if you need privacy and you are ready to learn.


We need some suggestions and help

No problem contact me ([email protected]) , we can guide you through the process. We’ll show you examples of what other companies have done.


So no more excuses…get your staff involved in creating your next training initiative.


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